fall home improvement projects
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Real Estate Renovation Secrets: 5 Tips You’ll Love this Season

Learn how to improve the beauty and value of your home with these real estate renovation secrets and tips ideal for the fall season.

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5 Home Improvement Projects for Fall and Early Winter

With the coming of cool, mild weather, fall and early winter are the perfect times of year to take on that home improvement project you’ve been thinking about. Or, if you haven’t singled out any particular tasks, but you know there are probably some things you should be doing, then let this guide serve as inspiration.

The following are five real estate renovation projects that will not only help make your home more comfortable and beautiful, but also increase its value on the market.

fall home improvement projects

Paint Your Rooms

Now that summer’s hot and humid days are behind us, there’s no better time to paint the interior of your home. The cooler, drier weather of fall offers the ideal conditions because you can open up the windows in the rooms where you’re painting to allow the breeze in. This accelerates drying times and helps ventilate the area so the paint fumes can easily escape. Take a room-by-room approach, and your home will have a fresh look before you can say “Happy Holidays.”

fall home improvement projects

Insulate Exposed Plumbing Pipes

One of a household’s most common cause of wasted energy in the winter is uninsulated plumbing pipes. When hot water travels through pipes in unheated spaces, the heat is leached from the water, causing the water heater to work overtime just to deliver hot water through the home. But, that’s not even the biggest threat.

Should the temperature in the space drop below freezing in the winter, the water in the uninsulated pipes can freeze, causing the pipes to burst. To prevent this from happening, you should check all of your plumbing lines, especially those outside or underneath the house, or those in an unheated basement or attic.

Apply foam insulation wrap to all of your exposed pipes. You’ll be protecting your home and save energy all winter long.

fall home improvement projects

Winterize the Deck

If your home has a deck, it’s probably one of your family’s most popular spots to hang out during spring and summer. But, because it sees so much traffic during those seasons, by the end of summer, the surface of the decking can start looking beat up and worn, making the deck look much older than it is. So, to make your job of prepping the deck next spring easier, you should winterize it in early fall.

This involves storing all of your outdoor furniture and cleaning off the deck with a power washer. The high-velocity stream of water will dislodge any dirt and debris that has worked its way into the wood grain. The grayish color of the wood will also be removed, allowing the wood’s natural beauty to shine once again.

This time of year is also ideal for resealing the deck for the same reasons it’s ideal for painting. With your deck clean and freshly sealed, it will retain its beauty and be protected against winter’s unpredictable weather.

fall home improvement projects

Roof Maintenance for Fall

Fall is the best time to check out the state of your home’s roof because odds are you’ll be up there cleaning the leaves out of the gutters anyway. So, after you blow out the leaves and wash your gutters down with a hose to clear out any debris, look for any cracked, curling, or missing shingles.

Check the flashing around your chimney and any roof vents. If you find a lot of issues that are just too big for you to handle, call in a reputable roofer for an inspection. If it turns out you need a new roof, you will want to have it installed in the fall before winter’s cold and snowy weather causes even more damage to it.

fall home improvement projects

Upgrade Your Exterior Door and Windows

Two more common causes of lost heat in the winter are drafty windows and an uninsulated exterior door. Replacing these things with high-quality, well-insulated replacements will not only help keep your home more comfortable, but it will also help you save a tremendous amount of energy and increase the value of your home.

In fact, installing Energy Star windows and an insulated exterior door can save you as much as $500 a year in heating and cooling bills, and you’ll recoup between 60 and 90 percent of your costs.

fall home improvement projects

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