The Best Ways to Use Virtual Assistants in Your Home

by Alex ThatcherDecember 5, 2016

7 Robots for the Home: Which One Is Right for You?

Our society is far from having the technological advances predicted in futuristic movies like Back to the Future or Blade Runner, but over the last few years, there have been incredible strides made in making homes more automated and easier to manage.

From cleaning bots to virtual personal assistants for the home, today’s homeowner has an outstanding selection of resources designed to make their lives easier and more organized. Here are 7 of the top robots for the home and the best ways to incorporate them into your life.

Echo From Amazon

In late 2015, Amazon introduced Alexa to the world through its innovative virtual personal assistant product, Echo. Echo is a cloud-based device that is designed to be the central hub of a smart home, while Alexa is the “person” who listens to your commands and responds accordingly.

The Echo can do everything from play music and manage your calendar to control your lights and thermostat. You can even order from Amazon using just your voice. The Echo can even provide live traffic and weather reports so you know exactly what you’re heading into as you start your day.
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Jibo is marketed as the world’s first family robot. The small device can provide a wide range of services for today’s active families. It’s not only a personal assistant, but Jibo is also a photographer, a messenger, a storyteller, and a telepresence bot.

Jibo’s natural language processing and 360 degree microphones allow it to respond to conversations. It also has two high-resolution cameras that track faces. Jibo can even distinguish and recognize different users. Whether you need a scheduling assistant, an entertaining bot for your kids, or you just need some always-there-for-you companionship, Jibo delivers.
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Personal Robot from Robot Base

The Personal Robot is a labor of love created by Robot Base. The company is currently funding the project through Kickstarter. The Personal Robot is designed to help automate almost every facet of your life and home.

Your personal robot connects to all of your smart home devices, from your locks and switches to your thermostat. It can even connect to most fitness trackers. The Personal Robot can do everything from manage your calendar to make your home as energy efficient as possible. And, with all of its entertaining options, the kids are going to love it.
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Cubic is a small cube device that is being called “the AI butler for your smart home.” Using the Cubic smartphone app, you can control your thermostat, manage your schedule, and more. You can even change the colors of your home’s lights (when using Philips Hue lights) with just your voice.

Because Cubic is still under development, the extent of its abilities remains to be seen, but the device looks promising for those looking for a virtual personal assistant with a personality.
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Branto is a sleek, orb-like device made by a Ukrainian company of the same name. The Branto orb connects to all of your home’s devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, infrared, and ZigBee. It can stream your music, control your TV, adjust your thermostat, and improve your home’s security.

Built into the Branto is a 360 degree camera that monitors the activity in your home 24/7. You can check your home remotely using the Branto smartphone app. If you’re away and Branto notices suspicious activity in the home, it alerts you immediately. It can even tell when there’s a water or gas leak in your home.
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FURo-i Home Robot

The FURo-i Home Robot is a family planner and telecommunications robot from Future Robot. It’s shaped like a traffic cone with a TV on top. The bot is able to perform a variety of duties, including entertaining the kids, managing your schedule, and patrolling your home while you’re away, although its primary selling point is its ability to keep the busy family connected.
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Pepper is the most human of all of the virtual home assistant bots. In fact, it resembles Rosie, the sassy housekeeping robot on The Jetsons. Created by Aldebaran, Pepper is designed for companionship. It can analyze facial expressions, verbal cues, and body language, and it uses that data to form appropriate responses and conversations.

The bot was originally created for use as an automated assistant in retail stores, but it has recently been adapted and released for the home market.
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