6 Ways to Liven Up Your Winter Foliage

by Alex ThatcherJanuary 6, 2017

Adding Life to Your Winter Foliage: Cold Weather Remedies

Does your winter curb appeal pale in comparison to your fall foliage and spring blossoms? While winter chill can tamper with your yard’s vibrance, there are easy remedies to add life to your yard during winter. Curious? Read on for six ways to liven up your home’s winter foliage this year.

1. Outdoor Lighting

Not even the darkest of winter days can stay drab and dim with a few outdoor lights carefully strung to liven up your yard. Dress up your winter foliage by incorporating outdoor lighting in your yard. If you’re eager to highlight recent landscaping, consider adding accent lights or spot lights to augment landscape and architectural details.
 liven up your winter foliage
String basket or iron-wrought lights against a back fence or along a porch railing to create a whimsical, winter-inspired yard. Rope and string lighting are simple additions that liven up trees and shrubbery with minimal landscaping expertise.

Another perk? Adding lighting to your winter foliage and outdoor pathways doubles as a safety feature. Guests are guided by the lights, and protected against ice and puddles that may be hazardous, especially to elderly guests.

2. Cold-Tolerant Plants

Enhance your home’s curb appeal by adding a few cold-tolerant plants to your garden. Evergreens, grasses, and other woody plants are our go-to winter additions, as these plants will liven up your landscape by adding a variety of shapes and colors.

For evergreens, check out firs, junipers, and arborvitae. Arborvitae in particular are great for livening up winter foliage, and your can find varietals that are low yellow domes, as well as striking blue cones. For wood additions to your yard, trend towards paper birch or the winterberry. These cold-tolerant plants add brightness and color to your home landscape.

Pro tip: plan ahead with your garden. Most plants cannot be planted until the ground reaches a certain degree of warmth, so you’ll want to plant your cold-tolerant plants in fall, or in spring in anticipation of next winter.
 liven up your winter foliage

3. Keep Everything Tidy

Another simple way to liven up your winter foliage: concentrate your efforts on keeping your yard tidy and neat. Don’t let fallen leaves decompose and clutter your yard; instead, take proactive measures to upgrade your home’s curb appeal during the winter by raking up and bagging foliage.

Keep your yard and house neat by composting; clamor up to your roof and show your gutters some much-needed TLC and clean them out. And if you’re feeling really committed, go ahead and wash over your exterior walls and windows. Keeping a clean and tidy appearance goes a long way in improving your winter foliage aesthetic.
 liven up your winter foliage

4. Create Seasonal Container Arrangements

Brighten up your yard and front porch by filling containers and window boxes with seasonal shrubbery and arrangements. Annie Huston, owner of Birdsall and Co. Home and Garden shop and a former botanist, shared that her “favorite trend this year is boxwood spheres or cones, which can take all kinds of weather, are UV-protected and bring color to an empty pot.”

Huston recommends filling up containers with natural, seasonal elements, such as pine cones or branches. Adding a bit of color and decor will liven up your home with ease; just be sure to protect your plants by choosing frost-resistant containers and soil-less planting mix.
liven up your winter foliage

5. Add Something for the Birds

Nothing adds life to your yard like a bit of, well, life! Welcome creatures to your yard by placing a small bird bath or hanging a bird feeder on your patio. With birdseed near your winter foliage, you’ll attract birds from around the neighborhood to help you dress up your property and keep your yard looking lifelike during drab winter days.
liven up your winter foliage

6. Bring Your Winter Foliage Indoors

Winter arrangements don’t have to be drab and dismal; play to your yard’s strengths and incorporate seasonal specimens into vibrant bouquets and centerpieces. Create a bouquet using winter species such as roses, red lion amaryllis, St. John’s wort stems, and berried ivy. By collecting these winter foliage elements, you’ll have an ideal winter centerpiece that will be the talk of your next dinner party.
liven up your winter foliage

Bringing Your Winter Garden to Life

With these cost-friendly solutions, your winter yard will spring to life in no time. Take action today by visiting your local nursery or home improvement store, and transform your home by adding life to your winter yard.

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