Hobby Homes: Best Home Add-Ons For Gamers

by Jonathan DeesingJanuary 16, 2017

Power Up Your Home with These Gaming Add-Ons

It doesn’t matter if you play games in a living room or an office, there’s always a way to improve your experience. But that doesn’t mean that your love of games needs to be confined to just one room. Whether it’s a more immersive experience you’re looking for or just some sweet gaming décor, check out these home add-ons that will take you to the next level.

Surround Sound

From FIFA to Overwatch, sound matters. Investing in a speaker system isn’t cheap, but if you need to hear every bullet whizzing by your head, surround sound is the way to go. Just don’t skimp on the subwoofer if you really want to feel those explosions.

Gaming Chair

Although you might consider a gaming chair to be furniture, after you get one it may just become a home fixture. Seated low to the ground, most chairs sync with game consoles, offering personal surround sound and even vibrate along with the bass to really get you into your game.

Wall Decals

If you want to keep it simple, some retro wall decals are a great option. From Mario to Tetris, you can find a variety of decals that are easy to slap on the wall in your game room.


A great way to make the most out of a small space is to turn an entire wall into a screen. You can easily convert a small room into an impressive theater with just a projector and a screen or white wall. While some projectors run as high as $3,000, most are available for about the same price as a regular sized television. Just don’t skimp on the seating.

Portal Mirrors

Live in Chell’s nightmare with just some colored light strands and mirrors – a must-have for any Portal fan.

Console Bedspread

If you literally want to eat, breathe, and sleep games, you can achieve at least one with a game console bedspread. The best part is that just about any console (looking at you, Game Cube) is perfectly bed-shaped.

Fallout Door

Fulfill your destiny as the Vault Dweller by installing a Fallout vault door in your basement. Because door, door never changes.

8-Bit Flooring

If you’re putting a tile floor in your kitchen or bathroom, small square tiles make it easy to lie down 8-bit gaming characters. You can build Pikachu, Mega Man, or even an entire level from Pac-Man. The floor’s the limit.

Sometimes you’ve just got to live your hobby. And if that means installing a ten-foot projector in your guest bedroom, so be it. Or maybe you can just start small and update your pet’s house first…

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