Introducing Homesopoly!

by Emily RicheyJanuary 20, 2017


A family get-together is nothing without a board game, and we have one in mind…

You’ve already fought over who gets to be the boot, the top hat, and the Scottie dog. Someone has bought all the greens, and the first hotel has been put down whilst you’re in jail. Cue the arguments, the tantrums, and the eventual flipping of the board in an angry rage. Love it or hate it, Monopoly is a game we’ve all played.

But what if instead of buying the usual properties, you competed for your favorite TV show homes?

Introducing… Homesopoly!

Start with the cheapest — Frank Gallagher’s house from Shameless for $60. Maybe move to a red and secure the payment for Monica’s apartment from Friends. If you’re really ready to splash the cash, Don Draper’s apartment from Mad Men is available for a cool $320. But if you’re eager for the high life, set your expectations high with Ranya’s Mansion from Nashville for $400.

Our Homesopoly board features all your TV favorites, from The Big Bang Theory to Gossip Girl.

So, as you collect $200 for passing go, skip past Orange is the New Black jail, or land on Free Parking at The Office, be sure to tell all your friends about your new favorite board!

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