What’s Next? Interior Trends You’ll Love in 2017

by Alex ThatcherJanuary 9, 2017

Staying Relevant: 2017 Interior Trends Forecast

Each year, interior design trends shift and change, telling you the best ways to keep your home up to date with the current styles. Here at Homes.com, we understand that rebranding your home to fit each year’s interior design trends can be expensive, even wasteful!

So this year, we’ve researched the most anticipated interior design trends of 2017, and put together a list of interior trends you’ll love that won’t break the bank. Ready to see how you can transform your home in the year ahead? Check out our top five interior trends of 2017.
interior design trends for 2017

Jewel Tones

Each year, a new color palette dominates interior design trends. This year, jewel tones will rank high in interior design styles and renovations. And guess what? We love it. Jewel tones add a touch of whimsy to your home; inspired by clouds, celestial objects, and oceans, jewel tones evoke understated glamour. Jewel tone materials, such as lucite and opal, will replace 2016’s marble and copper.

Adding a bit of jewel tone color to your home is a simple, low-cost change that you can implement to keep your home current without planning for a big budget renovation. Look for lighter accent pieces, such as an iridescent metal frame or airy silk curtains – these changes are quick and easy.
interior design trends for 2017

Upholstered Bed Frames

Complementary to the jewel tone trend, glamour continues in 2017 with upholstered headboards. While luxurious upholstered bed frames have been a staple in many modern fine hotel bedrooms, this trend has been slow to infiltrate the home market. But in 2017, timber bed frame popularity will wane, and upholstered headboards will dominate the market.
interior design trends for 2017

Escape Aesthetic

Do you find treehouse vacation rentals and magazine spreads of isolated bungalows idyllic and mesmerizing? If so, you’re going to love the escapism aesthetic that is trending for 2017. Creating private spaces to recharge and retreat within our homes is a growing trend, especially as more flexible work places allow employees to work from home, and people find themselves increasingly consumed by screen time.

2017 interior design trends recognize the need for calm and tranquility. In the upcoming year, we will see interior designs that feature nooks and loft spaces where people can seek solace and find comfort. In these spaces, expect to see light colored fabric, relaxed furniture, knit wool rugs, day beds, and floor cushions.
interior design trends for 2017


In tandem with escapism, 2017 interior design trends will continue to feature organic beauty and minimalism. Incorporating nature into design, whether through crafting a table from bamboo or bringing a live plant indoors, has steadily gained popularity in the past few years – and the trend will continue.

In 2017, expect to see a movement towards natural touches, live edges, and organic patterns. If you’re ready to hit the store reading, search for wicker chairs or stone tables, as these will be key pieces in the minimal design trends of 2017. Another tip: load up on pots and vases: olive trees, English ivy, and aloe vera are all welcome inside for the year ahead.
interior design trends for 2017


However strange it may seem, cork is making a comeback. Forget the stiff cork boards you remember from your parent’s home growing up. In 2017, Cork will be known as a stylish material responsible for adding texture and warmth to otherwise bare spaces.

Plan on seeing cork used in tandem with 2017’s flexible workplace trends. As freelancers and remote workers create in-home offices, cork can be used to cover entire walls, simultaneously absorbing noise and creating an idea board to pin notes to. Warm and practical, cork is going to be a top design trend in 2017.
interior design trends for 2017

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