Big Game? Tiny Home! The Ultimate in Tailgating.

by Grant SimmonsFebruary 3, 2017

As an Englishman living in the States, I can equate the fervor of the “Big Game” to a similar big game in the UK, the FA Cup Final, a pinnacle of British football, um soccer.


Given the history of (the real) football as a game for working class folks, and as a public transport-driven culture, it’s rare that any football stadium is too far removed from residential areas, nor too far from a Tube stop (in London) or bus stop anywhere else in the country.

The thought of renting a ‘tiny house’ close to an event stadium to watch the pre-game show on TVs within your tiny home, is therefore somewhat alien to this Brit, until you add in the normal ritual of most supporters – “meeting down the pub before the game.”

Equating tailgating to the ultimate pub crawl makes much more sense, in fact, the addition of food and snacks beyond pub grub probably pushes the American tailgate light years ahead of a bag of crisps.

So after I had thought a bit about the convenience of a tiny home rental, spurred by the article on our local TV website, it started to all make a little more sense. Kind of.

As someone in real estate marketing, I have to tip my hat to the genius that took a mobile manufactured home crossed with a traditional English caravan concept and made it into a business that rabid football (and other sports) fans are flocking to rent prior to the Big Game, and a few other sports games, apparently. When you don’t have the convenience of having a car or truck to actually tailgate, and you don’t have a local British pub within 4,000 miles, why not hire a house on wheels to prep for the stadium experience?

This Brit will be celebrating the Big Game from the comfort of my own armchair, but if I was off to Houston to watch padded chaps cavorting on a grid field, I may have been one of the folks renting a tiny mobile manufactured home on wheels as a quiet retreat. Seems like a great place to watch the English Premier League games on at least 2 of my 3 TVs and to nibble on my crisps.

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