5 Cities to Write Home About

by Jonathan DeesingMarch 28, 2017

If you want to be an actor, you move to Los Angeles. If you want to be a banker, you move to New York. If you want to be a writer, where do you go? Whether you’re a copywriter, journalist, or creative writer, there’s a city for you. Check out these five cities for writers that are great, from Aesop to Zola.

1. Detroit, Michigan

cities for writers Detroit
Although it may not seem like an obvious choice, it had to be on our cities for writers list since Detroit’s artists have taken it upon themselves to revitalize the city. One of the most notable efforts is Write A House, which refurbishes abandoned houses in the city and gives them to writers for free. Writers can apply for the program each year and must undergo a rigorous application process. For writers that want to play an active role in improving their community, there are few places with more opportunities than Detroit.

2. San Jose, California

cities for writers San Jose
If a more temperate climate suits your writing fingers, San Jose is a great option. Situated just south of Silicon Valley, the city is a natural hotspot for writers in the tech industry and jobs in tech, meaning big salaries. Indeed, Express Writers recently ranked San Jose as its top city for copywriters because of the huge demand in tech. Parents of hopeful writers will also love San Jose–the San Jose Area Writing Project runs camps and seminars to help develop writing skills for kids.

3. Nashville, Tennessee

cities for writers Nashville
Tennessee’s bustling capital Nashville is an appealing home for freelance writers. Over 7% of the population is self-employed, which means the city has a great community and support systems for independent workers like The Porch Writers’ Collective. The Porch helps train and connect writers in the city, offering education programs, professional training, and events, in order to “nourish and energize Nashville’s literary community.” What’s more, Tennessee has no income tax, so freelancers can pocket more cash come tax season.

4. Chicago, Illinois

cities for writers Chicago
Home to the Chicago Manual of Style and the University of Chicago Press—the largest university press in the country—it’s no surprise that Chicago made the list. Chicago’s colleges provide a plethora of opportunities for writers-in-training– beyond the U of C’s pedigree, Northwestern boasts top-ranked creative writing and journalism programs. For practicing writers, the Chicago Writers Association offers networking and promotional opportunities within the city’s strong writing community. The city has produced a variety of notable writers, from Ernest Hemingway to Shel Silverstein.

5. Austin, Texas

cities for writers Austin
Austin is a known haven for creatives, and writers are no exception. The median income for freelancers is second highest in the country, just behind San Francisco. And writers get to keep more of that dough– like Tennessee, Texas has no state income tax. Austin’s deliberately eclectic culture is a great environment for right-brained folks. The city has numerous writing spaces as well, like the Writing Barn, a cabin getaway where writers can enjoy writing retreats with free wi-fi and floor to ceiling bookshelves.

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