5 Reasons Why A Home Security Camera Is a Smart Investment

by Ben SanfordMarch 27, 2017

Sleeping Soundly With Modern Security

These days, many people have elected to install home security systems and alarms. Some take it a step further and install home security cameras. Most people would rather not be robbed, have their home invaded, or have to deal with pushy salespeople showing up uninvited at their door. And there are many more reasons to install home security camera systems. Here are five of the big ones, explained.
Home security systems

1 – Crime Deterrent

Installing visible cameras around your home or property provides a deterrent to would-be vandals, thieves, and home invaders. Most criminals would rather target homes (and businesses) that do not have security systems installed. If you have visible surveillance cameras in place, criminals will think twice before getting recorded while attempting to victimize you.
Home security systems

2 – Avoid Unsolicited Visitors

These days, door-to-door sales people roaming the neighborhood, trying to get their foot in your door are less of a fact of life and more of an anomaly. Some would say that this only indicates that those remaining in the knock and talk business are either incredibly good at what they do, or incredibly desperate.

Either way, wouldn’t it be nice if you could screen whomever is ringing your bell from a distance rather than through the screen door or via a peephole that only lets you see whatever is directly in front of it?
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3 – Monitor Your Children

Home security systems also provide their owners with the capability of keeping an eye on their kids from across the home (or in some cases, via a remote application on their phone, tablet, or computer). And while a camera is a poor replacement for solid parenting in some instances, no one can be there constantly, especially as their kids get into their tween and teen years.
A home surveillance system keeps the kids honest about what happened while you were away, or lets you keep an eye on them in the backyard, or wherever.
Home security systems

4 – Monitor Domestic Help and Other Laborers

It’s a sad fact that many people experience theft at the hands of those they’ve entrusted to help them run and care for their home. Domestic help, maids, gardeners, and anyone you have come into your home to work on your home electronics, plumbing, electricity, painting, or whatever, is far less likely to feel like they can help themselves to whatever you have laying around if they are in the presence of a security camera.
Home security systems

5 – Stay Out of He Said/She Said Problems

As a homeowner you are responsible for the well being of your guests. Unfortunately, accidents can happen in the home and sometimes they happen to guests. Avoid putting yourself and your guests in an uncomfortable situation (court) by having an impartial camera in place to record whatever happens in your home.
Home security systems

Good Cameras Make Good Neighbors

If the old adage that “good fences make good neighbors” holds true, then good cameras make for a better society all around. If you are contemplating installing a home security system, why not go the extra mile and get cameras put in as well? You may never know what you avoided — other than unsolicited visitors, vandalism, theft, and accidents.

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