10 Things to Ensure Financing for Your Home

by Christine DemosMarch 13, 2017

You’ve started looking at homes with a different eye and begin thinking “can I afford that?” or “what can I afford?” While looking is fun, here are ten tips to help you attain the financing you need for the home of your dreams:

  1. Improve FICO Score.
  2. Maintain a steady job history.
  3. Having a 20% down payment is optimal, but you can still make a huge dent with 5%-7% down payment as well.
  4. Improve debt to income ratio; pay off high interest credit cards.
  5. Stay within your budget by looking at what you can afford on a monthly basis.
  6. Shop around for the best interest rate as that really can make a huge difference for your monthly payments.
  7. Get pre-qualified so you can know how much you can afford; again take into consideration your monthly expenses.
  8. Apply for a loan that you can afford.
  9. Start talking to a financial planner to see how you can better save or invest your money.
  10. Finally, do not apply for credit at least six months before you apply for the loan.
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