Kitchen Organization Tips

by Jackie FogartieMarch 8, 2017

I love getting busy in the kitchen! From easy weeknight meals to prepping for a crowd, the kitchen is my happy place! One thing that doesn’t make me happy is when I can’t find what I’m looking for – or even worse, when I rush to the store to buy a “missing” ingredient but I actually had it the whole time. Not cool. These kitchen organization tools and supplies will make sure you get the most out of your kitchen and cooking experience!


Keep it Spicy

It’s so frustrating to be mid-cooking and frantically searching for the paprika – we’ve all been there! Instead of storing your spices on a shelf where they can easily hide behind one another, try these handy spice drawer racks that keep your all your spices front and center!

Clean Countertops are Happy Countertops

If you’re like me, you want to rid your kitchen counters of junk. To minimize countertop clutter, I’ve invested in a few over the door devices such as:


Can Organizers For the Win

Don’t waste precious shelf space in your pantry or refrigerator! These organizers are amazing for displaying canned items you have as well as maximizing your space!

Tupperware Disaster No More

No matter how organized your kitchen may be, searching for a missing Tupperware Top has happened to the best of us! My favorite way to organize my Tupperware tops and bottoms are the pullout cabinet organizers like this one from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

General Tips: Basic Kitchen Organization Pointers to Make Your Life Easier!

  • Put new garbage bags at the bottom of both the trash and recycling cans. This way you have a new bag readily available every time you take out the trash.
  • Store Ziploc bags and foil/plastic wrapping in the same drawer so wrapping up leftovers is a breeze.
  • Store frequently used items (like everyday dishes and cups) in the easiest to access cabinets. Fancier china and serving pieces that don’t get used every day can be stored on a higher shelf or closet.
  • Don’t let bulky cooking utensils such as spatulas and wooden spoons take up room in drawers. Instead, store them in utensil crocks like this attractive holder from Wayfair.

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Happy house hunting!

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