Spring Cleaning: How To Get Your Home Ready for the Months Ahead

by Alex ThatcherMarch 20, 2017

Getting Your Home Prepped for Spring

Groundhog day has passed and spring is officially around the corner! Soon you’ll swap snow boots for flats and rain boots, and you’ll be cleaning up mud brought indoors from outside play instead of accumulating dust from days spent indoors.

With the spring season quickly approaching, it is time to give your home a solid spring cleaning. Read on for 6 starting tips that will help you get your home clean and ready for the months ahead.
spring cleaning checklist

1. Gain Enthusiasm

If you don’t love spring cleaning, you’ll love our first piece of advice. The first tip for getting your home ready for the months ahead has nothing to do with cleaning itself: it’s all about your attitude.

Spring cleaning is an opportunity to rethink your home layout, purge old items, and make your home more you. It’s more than a list of annual tasks, it’s a great opportunity to restyle and declutter. So when you roll up your sleeves and get to work, keep your end goals in mind to make your spring cleaning process an enjoyable one.
spring cleaning checklist

2. Store Extra Layers

A few words of advice? Less is more, especially when you start on your spring cleaning. As temperatures rise, heavy throws, blankets and winter bedroom linens should be tucked away. But before you store these blankets out of sight, make sure to give them a thorough wash and dry.

This simple spring cleaning step not only helps you redefine your home’s look by peeling back the layers, but it also prepares you to have fresh blankets ready and at hand when cooler months roll back around.
spring cleaning checklist

3. Tend to Your Floors

Every good spring cleaning checklist should include cleaning your floors. If your home has wood floors, it’s important to know that stains and marks will become more visible in spring’s natural light.

It’s a good excuse to wipe down the floors and give any hardwood surfaces a detailed cleaning. Likewise, if your home has carpet, rent or borrow a steam cleaner, or hire a professional company, to get your floors ready for the months ahead.
spring cleaning checklist

4. Purge as You Redecorate

A change in season correlates to a change in decor. As you rotate out your winter themed decor, capitalize on the chance to donate any items you no longer need – this will help you cut down on storage, too.

Likewise, as you bring out spring items, ask yourself whether or not these items enhance your home’s aesthetic and/or functionality? If the answer is no, make decluttering old and retired household items a part of your spring cleaning process.
spring cleaning checklist

5. Add Maintenance to Your Checklist

After harsh winter weather, it’s important to monitor your home’s well being and to perform any required home maintenance tasks. One of the most essential spring cleaning maintenance items? Your roof.

To check on how things are going on top of your house, either ascend your roof or employ a pair of binoculars to check for red flags such as: shifted shingles, failed fasteners, exposed nails, or missing shingles. If you note any of these signs, enlist a professional’s help to keep your roof in solid condition for the months ahead.
spring cleaning checklist

6. Get Prepped for What Lies Ahead

And finally, a fun to-do-list item: prepare your backyard and patio for the months ahead! Spring sun means that barbecue months are quickly approaching, so make sure you are ready to host any upcoming festivities by taking apart your grill, cleaning out your barbecue, replacing any briquettes if necessary, and setting up your stored patio furniture.
With your home clean and your backyard spring-ready, you’ll be all set to enjoy the best spring has to offer in the upcoming months.
spring cleaning checklist

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