Why Not Live Inside This Former Firehouse in Rhode Island?

by Jamey MortonMarch 2, 2017

Everything But the Pole…

Sure, the boots and suspenders are great. And then there’s the big red truck with all the sirens, bells, and whistles; and the spotted dog; and the pole — but what’s really great about being a firefighter is living in the firehouse. Now, you can activate your inner first responder by buying and living in a beautifully renovated 1930s brick firehouse in a waterfront community in Rhode Island.

This stunning building, renovated by the current owners over the past sixteen years, features three floors of beautiful spaces. It is set into the side of a hill and has a garage and a studio on the ground floor (below ground on one side). The middle floor features an open living room, kitchen, and dining area; a bathroom, a separate library, and a separate den or office space that opens out into a beautiful middle gravel courtyard on the uphill side of the house. The top floor contains the home’s three bedrooms, another office, and the second bathroom.
3 Rumstick Rd Barrington, RI 02806

The Firehouse Renovation

Unfortunately (you can blame the insurance companies or the Bristol County building codes), the fire pole had to go. So, if your one reason for considering this home was the potential to slide down three stories’ worth of pole, from your bedroom to the garage, you’ll have to look for your opportunity elsewhere.

All three floors of the home have been renovated using the best wood, tile, carpet, and fixtures available. The kitchen has been thoroughly updated and features stainless steel appliances and a hood fan. Hardwood and tile floors alternate throughout the home, and there are plenty of places where old wood, concrete, and brick shine through the renovation, taking you back to a simpler time.
3 Rumstick Rd Barrington, RI 02806

The Community

Barrington, Rhode Island is a quaint, waterfront, suburban community located near Providence. It is home to just over sixteen thousand residents, and features a beautiful little downtown area, great restaurants and shops, and a very high livability score.

The neighborhood that our firehouse calls home is served by excellent schools and is within walking distance of a great bike path, neighborhood eateries, boutiques, and much more.
3 Rumstick Rd Barrington, RI 02806

The Numbers

So, if you’re seriously interested in purchasing a renovated firehouse in a suburban Rhode Island Community, this home will run you just under $750,000 (a $50,000 reduction from its original asking price).

Assuming you have the credit score and the nearly $150,000 down payment, you can expect to shell out just under four grand a month for your mortgage and insurance. That seems a small price to pay for living out your childhood fantasies. Dalmatian optional.
3 Rumstick Rd Barrington, RI 02806

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