Knoxville, Tennessee: A Little Bit of Everything on the Way to Everywhere

by Carson BuckApril 21, 2017

Settle Down in Knoxville Tennessee

Whether you’re coming, going, or just passing through, Knoxville, Tennessee is known for being a little bit of everything on the way to everywhere. Located within an hour’s drive to North Carolina, Kentucky, and a myriad of Southern landmarks, Knoxville is not only a mile marker, but also an ideal central location.

And people are fast becoming more and more aware of Knoxville’s accessible location. Per our internal search data here at, “Knoxville has seen an 268% increase in its number of searches since October 2016.” Curious to learn more? Read on to learn what makes Knoxville, Tennessee a great place to call home.
living in Knoxville, Tennessee

Getting to Know Local Culture in Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville is burgeoning with activity – and it has been for decades. The city is home to a variety of community-oriented festivals, some of which date back more than fifty years. To immerse yourself in local culture, start by paying a visit to Dogwood Arts Festival, the Italian Opera Rossini Festival Italian Street Fair, or the beloved International Biscuit Festival.
If you’d prefer to get to know the city on your own terms at a slower pace, explore the city’s urban playground instead. The Knoxville Urban Wilderness group works to preserve and protect “10 city parks, two quarries (one for swimming and the other for boating or kayaking), four Civil War sites and some 44 miles of hiking and mountain bike trails” for its residents to enjoy. With a broad range of cultural activity, it’s safe to say that Knoxville is a great place to call home.
living in Knoxville, Tennessee

Neighborhoods in Knoxville

A fundamental starting point for getting to know any city is learning about the neighborhoods. In Knoxville, each neighborhood carries its own distinct vibe. At, here are a couple neighborhoods that we know are on the rise in Knoxville, TN:
North Hills – Set in up-and-coming North Knoxville, this residential neighborhood is brimming with ethnic diversity and architectural character. Many of the homes in North Hills were built between the two world wars, and they offer access to a piece of history and fixer-upper opportunities. Who you’ll find here: families, young professionals, trendy gardeners, and DIY enthusiasts.
Island Home – Located on the southern side of town, Island Home is a scenic neighborhood that’s separated from the central city area by the Tennessee River. In this charming neighborhood, you can enjoy an abundance of hiking trails, a wildlife sanctuary, and a peaceful atmosphere. Many of the bungalow style homes have ample yard space and privacy, making Island Home a great neighborhood for families with kids. Who you’ll find here: academic professionals, recent grads, young families, and community activists.
living in Knoxville, Tennessee

More About Schools in Knoxville, Tennessee

Another hot topic for those looking to relocate – what are the schools like in Knoxville? Fortunately, Knoxville County District offers its residents a host of top-performing schools from grades k-12. The Sequoyah Elementary School, a public, K-5 school, received the top 10 out of 10 rating from Great Schools.

Parents, too, offer high praise for Sequoyah, claiming that they “trust this school and its administration in every way” for its personal commitment to student growth and success. Schools in Knoxville continue to impress, as Farragut High School and West Valley Middle School also received the top score from Great Schools.
living in Knoxville, Tennessee

Plan Your Move to Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee is a gateway city. For nature enthusiasts, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a short drive from Knoxville; for music lovers, Nashville is a quick jaunt to the west. Yet unlike other cities that are merely conduits to other locations, Knoxville is also a great place to call home.

Knoxville offers big-city opportunities without compromising the sense of community you’d find in a midsize-city or a smaller town. So, don’t delay! Start your search for your home in Knoxville, Tennessee with today.
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