Do You Reside in the State of New York? You Qualify for Free Tuition!

by Christelle HollomonApril 11, 2017

According to ABC News, New York is the first state to make tuition free at community colleges and public four-year universities. Finally, debt-free college education! But with every good thing, there are some conditions. In order to receive the benefit of free tuition, there are some requirements that must be met, or else your benefits will cease and you may have to pay the state back. Here are the requirements:

  1. The college/university must be public (state funded).
  2. The family of the student must earn $125,000 or less.
  3. The student must maintain a certain GPA.
  4. Students that receive free tuition must stay in New York after graduation for as many years as they received it.

These requirements were added to the proposal to “protect the state’s investment in a student’s education by ensuring they don’t take advantage of free tuition and then leave New York.” According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, the idea behind the free education is to encourage students to stay in New York and become an asset to the state. If students do leave the state after receiving free tuition, they will be mandated to pay the money back as a loan.

There are some exceptions to these requirements, including those pursuing graduate degrees or military employment. For those leaving New York to receive a master’s degree, they will not have to pay back the money assuming that they will return to New York after they complete their graduate studies. There are also accommodations for those who plan to leave the state for military service.

Lawmakers have also approved a “new tuition assistance program” in the budget for those students who choose to attend private colleges. This assistance will offer up to $3,000 in tuition grants, but the same requirements still apply- students will have to stay in New York after graduation for as many years as they receive the grants.

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