What Would It Cost To Live Along The Boston Marathon Route?

by Emily RicheyApril 17, 2017

It’s Marathon Monday, and the 121st Boston Marathon is in full swing. The race runs from Hopkinton to Boston, through the towns of Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, and Brookline. The race is the oldest annual 26.2-mile race in the world, and the city around it is steeped in history. Needless to say, for the runners among us, this race is iconic.
But, what about the Boston area itself? For competitive runners, being able to train along the marathon route consistently could give them a serious edge, so living in the vicinity could have huge benefits. Boston is the biggest city in Massachusetts, but the 4th most expensive in terms of real estate, behind Brookline, Wellesley, and Newton, all of which are along the marathon route. A home in the heart of the city won’t come cheap though—the average sale price is $1,515,958. According to the Boston Globe, the real estate market in the Boston area is incredibly competitive and has been becoming more and more of a seller’s market in the last few years.
The good news is that Massachusetts offers a plethora of other areas to live, many of which are only a half an hour from the marathon route. Some, like towns on the Northshore or Southshore areas such as Ipswich or Cohasset, are even close to the beach. Others, like Winchester and Medford, offer an easy to commute to Boston, with the ease of suburban living. If you have your eyes set on the Boston Marathon, then it may be worth checking out the available real estate, and to all those who are running today — good luck!

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