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Trendy Summer Colors to Incorporate in Your Home

When many people think of summer, they think of warm, sandy beaches, picnics with the family on bright, green grass, trips to the park or baseball field, or simply laying back and soaking up those warm summer rays of sunshine. Summertime often evokes a special feeling of adventure or warmth, and as such is a popular theme to replicate in one’s own home for year-round enjoyment.

If you would like to create a feeling of “summer” in your home, there are some general guidelines you can follow. Go for a light, airy feel by reducing clutter and avoiding oversized furniture. Brighter shades on walls and lightly colored ceiling help open up a room. White trim can also frame a room nicely and brighten up a space. Darker shades can find their homes in furniture and accent pieces, though be careful that darkly colored furniture doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Many of these colors work best as accent pieces against neutral or complimentary walls, though multiple bolder tropicals can be mixed in an eclectic palette. Almost all of these colors do well either as solids or as part of patterns. If combining colors, use ones that are at the same level of intensity or saturation, so that none of them overwhelm the others.

Bold orange


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Showing its best foot as an accent color, oranges can brighten up any room. A standard orange shade does best against plain white. Lighter, more tropical shades do well combined with whites, pinks, peaches, and other tropicals.

Sunshine yellow


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Yellows show their best selves in rooms that get a lot of natural sunlight, especially kitchens and kids’ playrooms. Consider going with a more muted gold for walls or larger accent pieces. Yellows pair best with dark grays, whites, dark blues, purples, and natural wood tones.

Sky blue


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Calming and serene, shades of light blue go well in any room that can use a little zen. They do well as fabric colors, especially in subtle patterns with white, grey, or other blues. More saturated shades like cobalt blue work well for home offices and similar spaces, paired with white, sea green, light blue, or yellow accents.

Candy-apple red


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This bright, cheery shade stimulates the appetite, and does well in a less formal dining room or an eat-in kitchen. Pair with lighter colors like white and light wood, and consider keeping it to a single accent wall or a few pieces.

Tropical coral


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Typically, this color best serves as an accent color, especially on textiles, coral adds spice to any room, especially beach-themed ones. Coral pairs best with white, light wood, and other tropicals.

Lime green


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Lime is a powerful but refreshing color, that does well on accessories and as a highlight color – such as a bookcase backdrop. Lime pairs best with whites, browns, light woods, and darker greens.

Sea green


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Pale sea greens and aqua greens do very well in rooms with a lot of natural sunlight, especially bedrooms. Combine with white, wood, and darker shades of green or blue-green for best effect.

Blush pink


Pink is a classic for bedrooms, whether on the wall, the curtains, or the bedspread. Less saturated or darker shades do well with whites, creams, and greys. More tropical shades will do well paired with most of the other colors in this article, especially neutrals, greens, light purples, and other tropicals.

Nautical navy


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An enduring classic, navy is an essential part of nautical-themed rooms. Less saturated shades can almost work as a neutral, serving as a backdrop to brighter shades. Navy is almost always found in a pattern with white, and also does well with yellows, reds, and other stand-out accents.

Natural neutrals


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You can hardly go amiss with weathered wood, stone grays, light browns, creams, and whites, especially if paired with the other colors listed here as accent pieces. Neutrals do especially well in common areas, like living rooms and guest rooms.

Regardless of the color scheme you select keeping your rooms light, clutter-free, and breezy can go a long way toward embracing that summer feeling all year round. Consider adding to the walls or shelves pictures of yourself and your family that captures warm-weather activities, to evoke your best summer memories regardless of the season.

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