Design Ideas to Create a Kid-Free Oasis in Your Home

by Alex ThatcherMay 12, 2017

How to Create a Kid-Free Safe Haven in Your Home

With another Mother’s Day on the horizon, the ever-pressing “what to get” question is likely on the brain. But before you gravitate towards conventional Mother’s Day gifts, think about the busy mothers in your life and what brings value to them. While children bring joy and excitement, many mothers also crave a little slice of peace and quiet somewhere in their homes.

Whether you know a mom who works from home, or a mom who’s busy juggling a dozen extracurricular commitments, take time to reflect on how you could create a kid-free oasis in their (or your!) home. Read on for ideas that will help you carve out a piece of a home to become a kid-free oasis just for mom.
kid-free oasis in your home

Designing a Kid-Free Workspace in Your Home

In today’s digital age, more and more employees are choosing to work remotely. While this brings great benefits, mothers who work from home are then tasked with drawing specific guidelines for work and play. This Mother’s Day, give yourself (or a loved one) the gift of an in-house, kid-free office.

Create a kid-free office space by setting up a desk that’s just for you. To create a productive work environment, set your desk parallel to the panes and as close to the windows as possible. This allows for optimal natural light and increased productivity.

Design your kid-free office with ample storage. If you need filing cabinets or book cases for your work, splurge a little. Make this space feel like your space by investing in adult organization structures and furnishing – not every piece of your home needs to be kid-friendly.

Another tip: set your phone to “do not disturb” and create a visual cue that your workspace if off-limits by keeping the door shut.
kid-free oasis in your home

Finding a Quiet Refuge Inside Your Home

One of the best places to create a kid-free zone: your bedroom. Your bedroom is where you sleep and recharge to find the energy to commit to your job, family, and life with 110% of yourself, so make this space a place to find respite from kids. To make this space your own, start by clearing out clutter. Toys, clothes, whatever the items may be, sort them away to create smooth, clean surfaces.

Another great way to make your bedroom your own kid-free oasis? Add a little flora and fauna. Place a bouquet of fresh flowers in your room regularly, as studies have “found that female office workers felt more relaxed when they were working near a vase of flowers.” Same rules apply to kid-free sleeping zones.
kid-free oasis in your home

Adding Kid-Free Touches Throughout Your Home

While a bedroom and an office are great places to establish as kid-free havens, there are other ways to design a seemingly kid-free space (ahem, less clutter) throughout your home. Be creative with your storage solutions. Spring for a media console or an ottoman that has hidden inside storage; that way, you can keep toys out of sight when entertaining without compromising the style of your home.

Designer Theodore Leaf suggests springing for “built-in shelving with closed cabinets at floor-level.” This Los Angeles designer also suggests keeping adult items in higher drawers and storage cubbies, while “adding drawer pulls that are easy for little hands to grab” for kid-friendly drawers.

Whatever solution you choose, know that adding a few “kid-free” touches will go a long way in helping you feel like your home remains an adult zone too.
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