Late Spring Travel: Beat the Crowds at These 6 Underrated Destinations

by Alex ThatcherMay 3, 2017

Spring Vacations for the Adventurous Soul

Does the thought of vacationing at an overcrowded theme park or congested beach resort turn your blood to ice? If you answered “yes,” then you might find a more satisfying vacation somewhere that’s a little more inconspicuous. Think of these places as the ones that aren’t exactly everyone‘s cup of tea; that’s part of the reason why they’re so special.
If you are someone who enjoys vacation destinations that are a little farther off the beaten path, then here are six underrated vacations that will soothe your adventurous soul.
underrated spring vacation destinations

Bend, Oregon

Do you love beer as much as you love the great outdoors? Then Bend, Oregon needs to be on your vacation destination short list. Why? Because Bend is known as Beer Town, USA and it’s home to the Bend Ale Trail, the self-proclaimed “largest beer crawl in the West.” Plus, it is surrounded by millions of acres of lush forests. But, beer and trees aren’t the only points of interest here. There are also plenty of artsy attractions, restaurants, and shops in the city’s beautiful Old Mill District.
underrated spring vacation destinations

Montreal, Canada

Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city besides Paris, so if you want all of the luxe of a Parisian vacation but at a fraction of the cost, then a trip to Montreal will definitely suffice. The city even has the cafes and narrow cobbled streets so commonplace in old Europe. In fact, Montreal is so much like Paris, that your social media followers will think you splurged on an actual French vacation.

Besides giving you the authentic Paris treatment, Montreal is also Canada’s center for culture and industry, so you can expect an overabundance of cultural attractions and festivals to be found here. Or, if you want a break from all of the action, just take a relaxing trip to the beaches of Pointe-Taillon National Park.
underrated spring vacation destinations

Harrisonburg, Virginia

Located in Virginia’s heavenly Shenandoah Valley, Harrisonburg sits right between the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountain ranges. If there’s a more relaxing location in the U.S. besides this small hamlet, you’ll be hard-pressed to find it. Life just moves a little slower here, and in no time at all, you’ll feel the tension melting away as you breathe the cool, clean air.
This is where to vacation if you want to dine in locally owned restaurants that use locally sourced ingredients. In the Shenandoah Valley, farm-to-table cuisine has long been a way of life and not just a trend.
underrated spring vacation destinations

Fall River, Massachusetts

Every late spring through the end of summer, roughly four million vacationers come to New England’s coastal towns to frolic in the surf, eat lobster, and relax. But, while places like Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard tend to draw the largest crowds, beautiful towns like Fall River, Massachusetts often go largely unnoticed.

Fall River has an industrial past, which is still evident in the smokestacks and factories scattered throughout the town, but what really makes this place a must-visit is its colorful Portuguese culture. Home to some of the finest Portuguese food, a lively music and arts scene, and a healthy dose of natural northeastern beauty, Fall River is eclectic, affordable, and simply more interesting than your usual coastal community.
underrated spring vacation destinations

Sackets Harbor, New York

In late spring, the trees of Sackets Harbor are alive with new leaves, presenting vacationers with a stunning canopy of green everywhere you look. Sackets Harbor is located in upstate New York, and we do mean “upstate.” The picturesque lake is a sight to behold, but don’t try swimming in it because the waters remain frigid well into summer.

But, you can boat on the lake, and what’s better than taking a boat ride to a dock filled with incredible restaurants and shops? This is your late spring vacation destination when you want to unplug and just escape from society for a while.
underrated spring vacation destinations

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Once a part of the nation’s “Rust Belt” thanks to its deep industrial history, Pittsburgh has since reinvented itself into a modern metropolis filled with cultural opportunities, exciting restaurants, hip bars, and shopping galore. Pittsburgh has grown so much and in such a positive direction, that it is a frequent contender for the country’s “Most Livable City.” But despite all that, it is often overlooked as a vacation destination. Don’t make the same mistake made by countless others. Visit Pittsburgh in late spring and discover the new Steel City. You’ll love it as much as you do the Primanti Brothers’ famous sandwich.
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