Homes With Hidden Doors That Won’t Send You Running for the Hills

by Jamey MortonJune 22, 2017

Check Out These Homes With Hidden Doors, But Fear Not!

Dispel any notion of horror films and fated endings, because we’ve found a special collection of homes with hidden doors that won’t scare away a prospective buyer. True, a hidden door is a cliché for many suspense films, but in these homes, secret doors mark wine cellars and added space – much more palatable than a hiding chamber. Behold this list of homes with some cool hidden doors; we think you’ll love them.

Discover a Concealed Home Office in This Boca Estate

Looking for a bit of peace and quiet in your home office? This home in Boca Raton features a hidden panel in the master bedroom that leads to a hidden second story office. For those who work from home with kids in tow, this hidden space is ideal for times when a closed door or a “do not disturb” sign doesn’t quite keep you isolated from personal distractions.

Or perhaps you have trouble leaving work at the office? Either way, this hidden home office is a selling feature of this $1,757,000 Boca Raton home.

Find Secret Storage in This Dothan Home

We get it; sometimes an attic or a crawlspace doesn’t offer enough storage for your home. Years spent at a singular residence, seasonal décor, large sports equipment, inherited furnishings… where do we put these items when the garage has run out of sufficient space?

This home in Dothan has an answer: a secret storage room concealed by a hidden panel.

In the home’s dining room, smooth white walls create a timeless, clean look. But upon closer inspection, the walls offer more than cosmetic benefit, because one of the panels leads to an area for hidden storage. For those who have amassed a bit too much clutter, this catch-all space is a godsend for maintaining a clean and tidy appearance in the face of guests.

For $589,500, this sweet Alabama home can be yours.

Sneak Away to a Hidden Wine Cellar in This Pennsylvania Home

Maybe you don’t need a clandestine meeting location or a room to escape from awkward events with the extended family. Not every hidden door leads to a secret, and this home in Glenmore, Pennsylvanian proves that some concealed rooms are worth exposing.

Tucked behind a veiled door in the home’s family room, you’ll find a hidden wine cellar. The space is beautiful, with exposed wood that spans floor to ceiling; the room exudes warmth, as custom wood racks abound with the capacity for hundreds of wine bottles. Any fan of wine will love this home’s secret addition. Located at 225 Kathleen Way, this home can be yours for $699,000.

Call One of These Hidden-Door Homes Yours

Whether you love the hidden door feature for an air of mystery or for a practical need, it’s undeniable that these secret doors enhance each home’s character and charm. If any of these homes strike your fancy, don’t delay! Let help you find the perfect hidden door home today.

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