Jersey City, New Jersey: The Real Home to Lady Liberty

by Carson BuckJune 16, 2017

Move Across the Bay to Beautiful Jersey City

Nestled between the Upper New York Bay and Newark Bay, you’ll find Jersey City: the home of Liberty State Park and the Lady herself. Not unlike its past, today’s Jersey city is brimming with cultural diversity, waterfront views, and mounting prosperity. With an expanding skyline, more and more people are flocking to Jersey City.

Per our internal data, “Jersey City consistently tops New Jersey not only in total searches, but also in total number of listings, meaning Jersey City is definitely a buyers’ market at present.” Curious to learn more? Read on to learn what makes Jersey City a great place to call home.
jersey city skyline

Getting to Know Local Culture in Jersey City

Jersey City is burgeoning with culture and activity – and it has been for centuries. According to the city history, “from the earliest settlement in 1660 to the present day, Jersey City has seen its share of exploration, innovation, slavery, bossism, reform, immigration, industry, commerce, terrorism, war, and peace.”

As a locale, Jersey City celebrates its past and its present. Whether you visit the State of Liberty to pay homage to the city’s diverse past, or you stroll downtown to sample ethnic cuisine, it’s easy to fall for Jersey City. With a broad range of cultural activity, it’s safe to say that Jersey City is a great place to call home.
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Neighborhoods in Jersey City

A fundamental starting point for getting to know any city is learning about the neighborhoods. In Jersey City, each neighborhood carries its own distinct vibe. At, here are a couple neighborhoods that we know are on the rise:

Powerhouse Arts District – In an area once known for high crime and poverty, the Powerhouse Arts District has risen up as one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Jersey City. Creatives and young professionals are thriving in this Jersey City neighborhood, as each corner turn reveals another coffee shop or art gallery. With an abundance of historic factory and warehouse buildings, the Powerhouse Arts District proudly wears its juxtaposition of old and new, historic and modern.

Journal Square – Located in central Jersey City, Journal Square is a business and transportation hub. But don’t be fooled by the high-rise business district vibe, this part of town is surprisingly affordable. Spacious, warehouse lofts that would run for over a million in neighboring Manhattan are only half, sometimes even a third, of the price in Journal Square.
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Understanding Schools in Jersey City

Another hot topic for those looking to relocate – what are the schools like in Jersey City? With a growing number of schools, Jersey City takes pride in serving its families with top-notch education. A range of public secondary schools, including the Infinity Institute and County Prep High School, earned a ten out of ten rating from Great Schools. Schools in Jersey City continue to impress, as “McNair Academic High School has been dubbed the top public high school in New Jersey and 15th in the nation.”
jersey city schools

Plan Your Move to Jersey City

Jersey City has outgrown its old reputation as a dingy, second choice city along the Hudson River. With affordable rent and a quick commute by train to the Big Apple, Jersey City is now a choice destination for artists, families, and young professionals. As more apartments continue to fill out the Jersey City skyline, there’s room for new faces to join the city’s diverse population. So, don’t delay! Start your search for your home in Jersey City with today.
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