OMG Cats! If You’re Absolutely Obsessed With Cats, This Home Is for You

by Jamey MortonJune 29, 2017

You Gotta Be Kitten Me

So you’re in the market for a new home. You want something where you can have some privacy, no nosy neighbors or obnoxious neighborhood councils, and to throw something quirky into the mix, you’ve also been hoping to find something that is hospitable to your insane cat obsession. Well, look no further than 669 County Road 8235, Stanford Concho, Arizona.

This log cabin-style house looks pretty average from the outside, aside from the fact that it’s miles from anything other than tumbleweed and scrub bushes. Sitting on about 20 acres of land, it sounds like a steal at just $240,000. But when you enter the house, you will find that it has been spectacularly renovated to cater to the needs of a crazy cat person, and is worth far more than a measly quarter of a million bucks.

The Treasure Is All Hidden Within This Eccentric Home

Although the house looks pretty average from the outside, upon entering you will realize that the house is anything but ordinary. The house listing states right from the get go, “If you love cats, this is the home for you! If not, bring your sandblaster!”

Later on, the listing mentions, “Must see to believe it does exist!” Actually, in the listing there were three exclamation points, but if that doesn’t paint a picture, allow us to describe the house in detail.

This House Got A Cattitude Adjustment!

When you enter the front door, the first thing you will notice in this house is the thousands (or possibly millions) of cat stuffed animals and cat toys covering the brightly painted walls. There are also cat photos and cat posters plastered everywhere. In a nutshell, there is barely any space that hasn’t been covered with the image of a cat.

The house is filled with cat walkways in each room, as well as a medieval cat castle in the great room. Each room has been uniquely renovated to suit the needs of many, many cats.

This House Is Paw-satively Bizarre

The two (human) bedrooms and one bathroom in this home have been completely decked out with cat paraphernalia. From the cat-themed shower curtain to the little kitty play room on the second floor, cats and cat lovers alike will find something truly unique in this Arizona home.

Keller, the Realtor for the home, says that the house “doesn’t smell like cats,” which is surprising, considering all of the cat-themed renovations that the house has undergone. The listing states that the house is a “once in a lifetime find and extremely fun.” Extremely fun for cats, that is. But regardless of your affinity for furry friends, this quirky home might be worth the trip out to rural Arizona to see what all of the hype is about.

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