Beat the Heat by Escaping to One of the 5 Coolest Cities in the Country

by Carson BuckJuly 3, 2017

5 Cool Cities Where the Market Is Heating Up

This summer has been a scorcher from the outset and the housing market is likewise as hot. While the industry traditionally sees an upswing in action during the hotter months, this year we’re looking at increased competition and less inventory. The rush is being driven by home buyers who want to secure their new homes before interest rates and home prices get too high.

So, if you’re going to be buying a new home this summer, why not beat the heat by moving somewhere “cool.” Here are five of the coolest cities in the country for you to think about.
coolest cities in the US

Seattle, Washington

Seattle’s siren song has been calling young, hip people to Puget Sound for decades and all of that creativity, energy, and vitality has helped transform the city into a haven for artisans, artists, and progressive-minded people. Surrounded by mountains, water, and lush evergreen forests, Seattle is a wonderland of experiences both indoors and out. It is home to one of the most innovative culinary scenes in the country, fueled by farm-to-table restaurants, buzz-worthy coffee houses, and distinctive bars and tasting rooms.

Then there’s such iconic institutions like Pike Place Market, the Seattle Art Museum, Pioneer Square, the Great Wheel, and of course, the waterfront. Seattle is culturally rich and that diversity is evident everywhere you look. It also has a long tradition of being LGBTQ-friendly. Need more reasons to move to this ultra-cool city? Seattle’s housing market is as diverse as its population, with homes ranging from modest two-bedrooms to million-dollar mid-century homes.

coolest cities in the US

Sacramento, California

At the confluence of the Sacramento River and American River is the city of Sacramento, California’s capital. Despite Sacramento having been established during the Gold Rush, the city is undeniably focused on the future and this devotion to progress is what draws the interest of so many young professionals. Yet, it is able to do all of this without minimizing its illustrious past and importance in the country’s development.

Sacramento is one of the top cultural and economic hubs on the west coast. It is home to a fabulous array of parks, restaurants, stores, and points of interest. From the historic Sutter’s Fort and Old Sacramento to the exciting selection of entertainment, shopping, and dining options in the Downtown Grid, there are plenty of things to see and do in this remarkable city. And, with homes in the city ranging from cozy three-bedrooms to posh gated estates, there’s something for just about everyone here.

coolest cities in the US

Virginia Beach, Virginia

With “Beach” in its name, you know right off the bat that Virginia Beach, Virginia is going to be a blast. This city is home to miles of beautiful shoreline among its three beaches, and this attracts everyone from vacationing families to competitive surfers. But, besides the beaches, what does Virginia Beach have to offer that makes it so cool?

Virginia Beach is home to some of the best seafood restaurants in the country thanks to its location alongside the Atlantic Ocean. It also has plenty of “you-pick” farms, craft beer makers, farmers markets, art shows and festivals, an excellent nightlife, and the ViBe Creative District.

You probably already know how exciting life can be in Virginia Beach during the summer months. But, just wait until you see the city during the off-season. It’s an altogether different experience that only the locals know about. If you’re interested in calling Virginia Beach home, you’ll find plenty of housing options available to you, from affordable townhouses to million-dollar estates located right on the water.

516 Lighthouse Pt Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Grand Rapids, Michigan

If the summer heat is dragging you down, Grand Rapids, Michigan might be where you want to set your sights. Here, the air is crisp and clean, summers are mild, and it sports everything from urban excitement to outdoor adventures. Grand Rapids is fast-becoming one of the hottest markets in the country thanks to its acclaimed art, music, and culinary scenes. Grand Rapids’ nickname is “Beer City,” so where better to be on a hot summer’s day than right here?

Grand Rapids has something for everyone. And why shouldn’t it – the city has more than 1,000 galleries, entertainment venues, restaurants, and breweries. But, that’s not all it has. There are also golf courses, farmers markets, miles and miles of hiking and biking trails, and an endless array of outdoor recreation opportunities. It’s also a super-affordable place to find a home. The housing market here is filled with incredible finds like this three bedroom rancher and this quaint home on over three and a half acres!
6191 Cascade Road Se Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio is in the midst of a renaissance. Once part of the Rust Belt, the city is now thriving thanks to the influx of young professionals, artists, and enterprising restauranteurs. The result is a rejuvenated city that continues to expand its scope of vision. Cleveland is also home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a rocking nightlife, and a number of parks and waterways. In fact, the city is surrounded by such areas of natural beauty that its lush green parks have earned the nickname, the “Emerald Necklace.”

Cleveland is a city where the people are down-to-earth, welcoming, and committed to their communities. And, that devotion is noticeable on every street. If you want to become a part of Cleveland’s rebirth, you have plenty of housing options to choose from, and the homes are affordably priced! From updated Solon Colonials to move-in ready family-friendly three bedrooms on quiet cul-de-sacs, Cleveland’s housing market is alive with opportunities.

If you’re looking to get out of the heat and into a cool city, don’t sweat it. Just take a closer look at the homes available in the cities above and you’ll be sure to find the ideal home waiting for your bid.

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