Now’s Your Chance to Finally Become a “Fish Tank King”

by Jamey MortonJuly 6, 2017

Ever Dreamed of Owning an In-House Diving Aquarium?

Divers rejoice! The newest dedicated dive resort worth talking about isn’t your traditional snorkeling oasis, rather, it’s a massive oceanfront home that can be yours to own!

If you’re serious about scuba, don’t miss out on this opportunity to own this resort style home that has been featured on popular international television shows including “The Travel Channel” and National Geographic’s Fish Tank Kings. Grab your mask, snorkel, and fins, and dive in – here’s your chance to get a sneak peak at this oceanfront estate.

Take the Bait: This Big Pine Key Home Is a Snorkeler’s Paradise

Maybe you love the Florida Keys for the throngs of like-minded nature lovers, or maybe you’re just here for the native wildlife. Either way, this 6,100-plus square foot home is sure to grab your attention.

Situated on a 31,000-square foot private peninsula, this home is a Florida Keys oasis. Lined and secluded by palm trees, the size of this home catches you off-guard when you finally weed through nature to find it. It’s nothing short of colossal! Then again, it kind of needs to be in order to house a massive snorkeling aquarium and in-home beach.

If you welcome people on underwater expeditions, invite your friends to enjoy the home’s white sandy beach and chat about their recent coral sightings with a margarita in-hand. The home’s outdoor bar, chickee hut, hot tub, and entertainment space will make sure your guests are well taken care of.

But who needs friends when you can swim with fish? If you’re a solo diver, head inside your home to spend hours in your 25k gallon snorkeling aquarium watching a smooth trunkfish flirt with its puckered-lips and fancy white polka dots. Or beg the trumpetfish for an under-the-sea medley while you cast your eyes on the beautiful queen angelfish.

Whatever you fancy, you can enjoy the common reef fish from the comfort of your own home, er, well, your own salt water snorkeling aquarium inside this magical Atlantic estate.

This “Fish Tank King” Domain Is the Envy of all Other Fish in the Sea

The grandeur of this coveted Atlantic estate doesn’t stop where the pool coping ends. As you wander through the home, let the spiral staircase that hovers above the pool transport you to a celebrity chef-worthy kitchen. With top-notch appliances, marble countertops, and an island kitchen – your fish may soon become dinner.

Stay poolside (along a pool table that is) and unwind from a sun-soaked day with a little recreation. Or if you’re feeling salty, step in to one of the home’s luxury waterfall showers to clean up.

Call This Impressive Florida Oceanfront Home Today!

Listed at $5.49 million, this Big Pine Key home is a rare find in Florida’s niche luxury market. But with a television-worthy, one-of-a-kind in house snorkeling aquarium, this divers’ paradise is worth a pretty penny. If you’re interested in owning this stunning oceanfront home, check out the full listing details today on

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