A Capital Conundrum: How Hot and Humid Washington, D.C. is One of the Healthiest Cities in America

by Carson BuckAugust 24, 2017

It’s Easier Than You’d Think to Stay Healthy in the Capital City

According to the American Fitness Index, Washington, DC is the second healthiest city in America, falling short only of Minneapolis in the top spot. According to the study, residents of Washington, DC have fewer health problems, consume more fruits and vegetables, and get more sleep than residents of other cities around the nation.

In addition to healthy lifestyle, Washington DC also has more parks and green spaces per capita than other cities. In fact, 97% of Washington DC residents live within a ten minute-walk to a park. According to US census data, about 13,000 people bike commute to work every day in DC.

Despite the hot and humid climate in DC, residents find ways to beat the heat and remain active all through the year. We consulted some DC fitness and wellness blogs to get the scoop on how people living in the capital stay healthy despite the climate.
Living healthy in Washington DC

Fitness Communities Abound in Washington DC

It’s a well known fact that working out with a group, whether it’s a cycling pack that meets once a week or a jogging group that meets every morning, is a great way to hold yourself and others accountable for your fitness. When you have fitness plans with people other than yourself, you’re more likely to stick to them.

In Washington DC, fitness plans and organized fitness groups are a dime a dozen, so all you have to do is figure out which one is right for you. Active Life DC provides links, tips, and resources for creating workout plans and finding workout buddies so that you’re never at a loss for how to stay active in the city. The November Project is another great resource; with organized runs every day of the week, multiple times a day, you will easily find people with the same exercise schedule.

Free Fitness Classes Aren’t Hard to Find in DC

Like many metropolitan cities, DC is expensive and exercise classes are no exception. But there are ways to find free fitness classes around the city that you can add into your fitness routine. Accessible exercise is just one thing that sets DC ahead of the game when it comes to health and wellness in the city.

Yards Park offers a free fitness series, and so does Crystal City and Lululemon, and about a million other companies and organizations. Fitt has a great post on getting fit for free in DC that you can check out for suggestions and schedules. If you don’t mind throwing a few bones for a fitness class, you can check out The Fit Crasher, a fitness blog that reviews and suggests fitness classes of all genres in the DC area.
Living healthy in Washington DC

DC Natives Know How to Balance

DC dwellers work hard. But they also know how to balance work and professional life with wellness, which makes a big difference when it comes to living the healthiest life possible. After all, there’s a reason people in DC get more sleep than residents of other cities!

Balancing Today, a local blog run by a DC native, details living life to its healthiest in a bustling city like DC. There, you can find tips on what to pack in your gym bag, how to set attainable goals for yourself, and how to make the perfect smoothie to start a healthy morning off the right way.
Living healthy in Washington DC

Pump Up Your Cardio in the Capital

When exercising in a city like DC, make sure to practice safe and healthy methods. Staying hydrated, following bike traffic laws, and making sure not to overdo it on extremely hot and humid days will make it easy and fun to keep DC healthy.

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