Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Yard Green in Extreme Heat

by Katie KucthaAugust 25, 2017

As a homeowner that takes pride in every detail of the place you call home, you want to make sure your lawn is healthy and a lush green, correct? No matter where you are located, I am sure you can relate to the initial feeling in the summer months when you notice the grass on your lawn is dry, dead, and yellow.

Why not try to maintain that luscious lawn with some solutions that are also friendly to mother nature? Here are some eco-conscious and preventative ways to show your lawn some love in the summer heat.

Maintain a healthy grass height from the get-go

Speaking in terms of your average turf grass, the upkeep of grass is just as important as a hair cut. Frequently for growth and freshness, but not too often, unless you’re looking for a wild new look. It is suggested that a healthy height is between 2 and 3.75 inches, thus allowing the grass to be less tolerant to stress.If it’s currently shorter than that, let it grow a little bit before trying to maintain it. Keep in mind, that depending on the grass type and location, this could vary.

Conserve water with a rainwater harvesting system

The more obvious of eco-friendly options is conserving water, but there are a few geographical factors that can have an effect on this. For example, if you live in Birmingham, you might come across water restrictions, which according to LawnStarter, can include two-day odd/even watering schedule, specific times and certain days of the week. Even in the extreme heat, lawns do not need to be watered every day. Whereas in Columbus, there are no water restrictions, and the overgrown grass ordinances are considered a violation at 12 inches, compared to smaller increments that Birmingham has at 8 inches.

There are two things you could do as an extension of that depending on your location. One thing you can do when conserving water is scheduling your sprinkler system at the most grass thirst quenching time. Meaning, a time that the soil will be able to stay hydrated, this would be between the very early and late morning time.

Image of barrel of plants positioned under pipe in order to receive rain watervia Hayneedle

The second thing you can do is get a rainwater harvesting and irrigation system to reuse rainwater. There are a few different systems you can set up yourself, the more affordable option being catchment from the roof into a rain harvesting barrel. Once you have that, it’s a simple set-up with an attachment from the barrel to the sprinkler system.

Give your lawn the food it deserves

Like every other living thing out there, we need to be hydrated and full of energy to become stronger. Fertilizer is an awkward word to begin with, sounds like what it is: a chemical substance used to increase growth. Right off the bat, it doesn’t sound eco-friendly, luckily there are natural solutions that do the same thing!

Choosing an organic fertilizer is not only beneficial to you and the earth, but because most of them use a natural and healthy amount of nitrogen to replenish the soil, like Scott’s Natural Lawn Food. Synthetic fertilizers can contain excessive amounts of ammonium, making it toxic for children and adults.

Image of handle holding fertilization for lawnvia Total Landscape Care

Recycle and reuse grass clippings

Grass clippings can be just as beneficial for your lawn as an organic fertilizer. One simple step is to let the clippings fall where they land and by doing so they will naturally decompose in the ground. Safe to say, you should replenish the grass and soil with clippings as you can, there are also additional ways for dealing with clippings instead of throwing them away. This could include creating your own backyard compost pile or using it as mulch for your garden.

If it’s already too late or you have an infestation of the harmless crabgrass, replenish or remove and then use these eco-conscious tips as a follow up for preventative care!

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