Warning: Do Not Buy This House; It’s Definitely Haunted!

by Matty ByloosAugust 17, 2017

Ghost Tour Investors, Here’s Your Latest Project: This House Is Haunted

Last week, Twitter and Facebook users were up in arms about a Scottish home willing to pay a nanny a $84,000 annual salary. The catch? Their house is rumored to be haunted. This week, there’s another haunted house worth talking about: a five-bedroom Texas home is selling for less than $100k.

Whether you’ve heard too many ghost stories, watched too many episodes of American Horror Story or experienced strange supernatural incidents, warnings of ghost-filled homes aren’t to be taken lightly. According to the current owner of this Texas ghost home, his wife refuses to step foot inside the haunted home. The owner himself lives in a separate house over an acre from the supernatural home. Think you can muster the courage to step inside this haunted home? Enter… if you dare.
haunted texas house curb

Approach With Caution: This Haunted Home May Scare!

As you wind through Mineral Wells, you’ll find yourself in horror story territory (the spirits of the allegedly haunted Baker Hotel lurk near this haunted residence!) Built in 1890, the home at 501 NE 1st Street has fallen into slight disrepair. From the exterior, dilapidated shingles cover walls frequented by spirits.

But before you step inside, scour the 1.395 acre property for any outdoor ghosts – you never know what you’ll find!
haunted texas house side view

Ghost Hunters Delight: Step Inside this Haunted Texas Home

Once inside this five-bedroom, 2,840 square foot home, you’ll quickly realize you’re not alone. According to the owner, nine apparitions haunt the place, lurking in bedrooms with names like the Shadow Room and the Scratch Room.

Where do these ghosts come from? In a former life, this two story home was once a brothel, where many deaths are rumored to have occurred – all the makings of a good backstory for a campfire ghost tale.

But what if it’s more than a tale? As you wander through the home, you’ll start to question the charm of the custom built staircase once you reach the second floor – a place where noises go without explanation. You’ll delight in the bones of two of the home’s bathrooms, but once you uncover a completely sealed third bathroom, you’ll start to question which rooms (and spirits!) you aren’t seeing in this home.

That said, the home has potential. Whether you renovate rooms to take honor the historic home’s bones, or you transform the space into thriving ghost tour business, this haunted home’s future is still unwritten.
haunted texas house bedroom

Think You Have What It Takes to Run a Ghost Tour Property?

But we have to warn you, this potential ghost tour property could bring trouble. According to the owner, prospective buyers are warned keep each object inside the home to stay exactly as is – otherwise, dire consequences may ensue. Ghost preferences aside, if you’re planning to convert this house into a ghost tour property, you may encounter a few roadblocks. While the current seller hoped to bring his ghost tour home up to code, he says he experienced difficultly meeting the city’s requirements due to its supernatural residents.

As in all supernatural battles, buying this home is a gamble. Priced at the low asking figure of $99,000, this home is a steal for someone who has a way with ghosts. Up to the challenge?
haunted texas house attic. looks normal enough until you notice the super eerie stuffed bunny in the lower right.

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