Everything Instagram Taught Us About Redesigning a Home

by Alex ThatcherSeptember 15, 2017

Find Inspiration for Your Home’s Interiors on Instagram

It’s not big news that interior designers and decorators use Instagram as a medium for marketing their skills. So if you’re currently thinking about redesigning your home or changing up the interior design of a room or two, you should also be using Instagram to find inspiration and ideas directly from the pros.

Whether you are using Instagram to learn about an actual interior decorator, or just trying to hone in on some snapshots that will open up your aesthetic eye and imagination, these tips from Instagram’s interior decorators will help you beautify your home in no time at all.
finding inspiration for home decor on Instagram

#Shelfie Life

Search the hashtag “shelfie” on Instagram and you’ll find some pretty amazing shelf inspiration. You’ll also find that many interior decorators on Instagram are using shelves for much more than just vertical storage.

Check out Alyssa Kapito’s Instagram page for some serious shelfie magic. From wall-to-wall bookshelves to highly curated nick-knack shelves, she’s got a shelf game that will satisfy both book-hoarders and minimalists alike.
finding inspiration for home decor on Instagram

Rugs Are Like the Real Life Filter for Your Space

A good rug will add layers of character to just about room in your home. The thing about Instagram and other photo-sharing apps is that you can only really post one vantage point at a time. A corner, a single wall, or an overhead shot will all represent a space completely differently.

One way that Instagrammers like Anh Luu of Girl and the World maximize the depth of a photo is by using a colorful rug. Luu uses rugs in many of her posts to show the open space of a floor plan, as well as to add a vibrant texture to the room from any vantage point.

House Plants Makes Any Space Worthy of the ‘Gram

House plants have this magical power that opens up an interior space while also making it feel more cozy. Well-curated house plants will elevate any space in your home, creating an inviting atmosphere. Instagrammers well-versed in the design world know this and have taken it to heart, much to our scrolling pleasure.

Justina Blakeny, author of The New Bohemians and founder of the Jungalow aesthetic, has planted the seed in our minds that house plants will tie together any space. Her Instagram is full of nice rugs and pretty shelves, but it’s the plants that really bring us home.
finding inspiration for home decor on Instagram

Color Pops and Fuzzy Chairs Are Staples

There’s one thing that all of the good interior design Instagram feeds have in common when it comes to each picture: there’s always one element that really brings in the “wow” factor. For a space to really have the pizazz and ease of an Instagram picture, it needs to have a statement piece.

Sally and Anna of Green & Mustard are certified queens of the statement piece. On this Insta, expect to find a plethora of luxurious fuzzy chairs, funny quotes in neon lights, and plenty of bold patterns. Note that each snap usually only has one or two statement pieces–don’t go overboard as this could make your space feel cluttered.

Get That Perfect Frame

While Instagrammers across the globe are framing their shots to capture the perfect vantage point, you should consider using actual picture frames to spruce up your wall space and to add vitality to a large or otherwise overwhelming wall.

My Scandinavian Home has some amazing frame candy that will make you want to fill up all of your walls with cute framed illustrations and black & white photos of your family. With the right placement, frames can become a kind of pseudo-wallpaper in your space. Who wouldn’t want a fine art gallery in their own home?

Just Scroll to Meet Your Instagram Goals

The next time your find an Instagram account that seems to achieve a high, rich aesthetic, give it a follow. The more inspiration you find online, the more comfortable you will feel incorporating some of that inspiration into your own home.

Like to change it up a lot? Check out our post on interior design for commitment phobes. Cheers to genius IG’s who make it easy for the interior decorator in all of us to bloom!

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