Frank Lloyd Wright Home Built on a Heart Shaped Island? You Bet!

by Sasha CarterSeptember 19, 2017

For Lovers of Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture…

Few American architects have garnered the respect, or the controversy, of Frank Lloyd Wright. Praised for his buildings’ reflections of nature, scorned for his character’s ornery reputation, Wright is well remembered as a champion of organic architecture, and someone worth studying, despite his flaws.

Until his death in the late 1950s, Frank Lloyd Wright designed more than 1,000 structures, 532 of which were constructed during his lifetime. And although Wright is most famous for his work’s parallels to nature at Fallingwater or Taliesin, this island home rivals his most famous designs. Sited on a 10-plus acre, heart-shaped island in the middle of Lake Mahopac in New York, Wright designed the ultimate nature retreat.

If you’re ready to experience Wright’s vision of island living, look no further. This one-of-a-kind island property raises the bar for stunning architecture in nature.

Frank Lloyd Wright Home

A Controversial Property: The Massaro Home

Full disclosure: this property remains an unofficial Wright house. When Wright completed the designs for a seven-bedroom home and an island master plan in 1950, the client could not afford the steep cost of construction. At the time, the plans were only realized.

But Joseph Massaro, a devoted fan of Wright, realized Wright’s plans for Petra Island posthumously. And while the foundation that oversees Wright’s legacy and estate hasn’t certified the home as an official Frank Lloyd Wright property, Massaro claims, “I went to every effort to make sure this was just as Wright designed it.” And we have to admit, this modernist island home, now known as the Massaro home after its owner, has us swooning.

Travel by Helicopter to Visit This Frank Lloyd Wright Home

Start your helicopter engines, as this stunning Petra Island residence is a quick 15 minute trip from the shores of Manhattan to the property’s rooftop helipad. As you fly in to the home, note the island’s unique heart-shaped figure. Once you’ve landed, find yourself completely immersed in New York-island living on the 11-acre property.
Frank Lloyd Wright Home
The residence extends beyond the island’s rocky shore over the lake, recalling visions of Wright’s iconic Fallingwater property. A series of simple stone pillars extend their support to thick horizontal planes, creating an organic pattern that is present in much of Wright’s work.

While a reclusive owner might praise the home’s remote location, the design itself encourages visitors. The sizable 6-bedroom property ushers guests from a ferry dock (for those who don’t have a personal helicopter, the island is accessible by a 1-hour boat ride), to a stunning terrace.
Frank Lloyd Wright Home
As you enter the home, a soaring fifteen-foot entry takes full advantage of Wright’s affinity for natural light, organic shapes, and harmonious materials.

Before you leave the entry, look up: 26 triangular skylights adorn the home’s structure, creating a transparency between indoor and outdoor worlds. And if views of the sky aren’t what you’re after, then make your way to the gallery, a stunning cantilevered space. The room’s boat-shaped space offers exclusive lake views to the east and west from sunrise to sunset.

Other Frank Lloyd Wright details apparent throughout the home include custom-made furniture inspired by Wright’s designs, organic wood-paneling, clean modernist lines, and even a waterfall.
Frank Lloyd Wright Home

Purchase This Stunning Island Property Today!

If you’re a Frank Lloyd Wright aficionado, swoop in and buy this one-of-a-kind island property. For the right buyer, the steep $14.9 million price tag is a worthwhile investment to live in a space build according to Wright’s design. Ready to be the home’s next owner?

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