Not Everyone Is Able to Live in the Zoo, But You Can

by Jamey MortonSeptember 21, 2017

One-Time Mortgage Fee Gets You Permanent Access to the Zoo

If you’ve heard rumors about rising admission fees to once-cheap zoos and aquariums, rest easy, because visiting the Bayou Wildlife Zoo is free – that is, if you’re house hunting. After celebrating 31 years as a popular and profitable business venture, the owners of the Bayou Wildlife Zoo in Alvin Texas are selling their 80-plus acre property.

Birds of prey, monkeys, safari animals – the gang’s all here! If you’re ready to take a walk on the wild side, look no further. The opportunity to live in a zoo with 500 creatures doesn’t arise every day, and this eccentric Texas home is one-of-a-kind.

Zoo home in Texas

We Bought a Zoo, and You Could Too!

If you were inspired by Cameron Crowe’s story about a father who relocates his family to re-open and renovate a zoo in the aptly named We Bought a Zoo, you’ll be over the moon to learn that this story isn’t just another Hollywood fantasy. For a special buyer, the chance to rehabilitate a unique animal sanctuary is a pending reality. At 5050 Fm 517 Road, a 10,800 square foot barndominium awaits.
Zoo home in Texas
This precious wildlife park has a history, too. Celebrated as an exciting open-range zoo where visitors ride trams to see over 500 animals and experience pony rides and a petting zoo, the Bayou Wildlife Zoo is a unique Lone Star State attraction. But visitors easily forget that this too, is a home. So if you’re in the market for a private ranch or zoo, let’s delve deeper into his unique property. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Discover What It’s Like to Live Inside a Zoo

The flora and fauna surrounding this unique estate are phenomenal. Something akin to the rare foliage in Susan Orlean’s Orchid Thief, the zoo setting is remarkably lush and inviting.
Zoo home in Texas
With 10,800 square feet, the property includes an A-frame barn structure, which is quite amenable to weddings, zoo picnic-enthusiasts, or an extensive home renovation project. Or if you’re looking for an immersive in-nature experience, you can easily set up a hammock-style sleeping area along the 3,500 of bayou frontage.

While the property comes replete with trucks, jeeps, seven trams, 10 ponds, and 16 barns, the sellers won’t scorn those searching for more conventional living quarters. If you’re committed to building a conventional home on this unconventional property, there’s a built-up home site space facing the lake that’s eager to take shape.
Zoo home in Texas
The sleek, wood-paneled walls offer a world of possibility for the right owner who is willing to invest equally into home care and animal upkeep.

Purchase This Unique Zoo Property, Animals Included!

Whether you’re eager to care for a zoo of animals, literally, or you’re searching for a profitable outdoor business venture, this zoo property is one in a million. For a conservative $6 million, you’ll acquire giraffes, elk, alligators, rhinos, and so much more!
Zoo home in Texas

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