The Top 5 Places to Live if You’re Obsessed With Autumn

by Alex ThatcherSeptember 18, 2017

Beautiful Fall Colors, Beautiful Fall Cities

From pumpkin spice lattes wrapped in wool mittens to curling up by the fire with a good book, fall is a season for magic. And one of the most magical things about fall is the foliage. Whether you are a fan of birch trees, sycamores, or the classic maple, one thing we can all agree on is the beauty of autumnal foliage.

These incredible, color-changing leaves are not just limited to Vermont or Connecticut, either. There are places all over the country to see this natural wonder. Read on to learn more about the top five best places to live if you’re obsessed with autumnal foliage.

Oakland, Maryland

Oakland knows they have a great fall season—and they embrace it by throwing the annual Autumn Glory Festival. This five-day event has it all: music, a parade, craft shows, and a scenic driving tour. Oakland, Maryland has been noted in Travel and Leisure as one of America’s best towns for fall colors, and also mentioned in the Huffington Post.

With a huge festival and notable mentions, Maryland could be the perfect place to develop an autumnal obsession. Search for homes in Oakland, Maryland.


Okay, so it isn’t a city – and it’s a given. But, Vermont takes their autumn foliage seriously, and it was impossible to pick just one. In fact, there are handfuls of websites dedicated entirely to foliage tourism. The Vermont Fall Foliage Facebook group suggests the best time to go “leaf-peeping” is mid-September to the first two to three weeks in October.
Foliage Vermont suggests different events and road trips you can take to maximize your autumnal leaf viewing pleasure. The consensus seems to be that the top three cities you should look to buy homes in Vermont are: Burlington, Stowe, and Ludlow.

Lake Placid, New York

The Adirondacks are stunning and you may just want to start your search in the quaint town of Adirondack, NY, but Lake Placid is where the leaves really reach another level. Named #1 on the “America’s Best Towns for Fall Colors” list, Lake Placid hosts the Olympic Trail Scenic Byway, 170 miles of autumnal beauty.

If that’s too much driving for your taste, check out the Sixth Annual Lake Placid Brewfest and enjoy a pint in fall paradise. View homes near Lake Placid, New York.

Whitefish, Montana

While the real answer to this question may be Glacier National Park, we don’t recommend trying to buy a home there. And Whitefish may be the next best thing. According to a local blogger, Whitefish once was one of the best kept secrets of Montana; that is, until it was featured on The Today Show. Now, Whitefish’s popularity is on the rise, and it is a great time to look for property. Search now for homes in Whitefish, Montana.

Aspen, Colorado

With hikes and lakes galore, you will never be bored in Aspen, especially in the fall. A local blogger suggests some of the best spots in Aspen to see autumnal leaves include Maroon Bells, Crater Lake, Crystal Mill, and the American Lake Hike. Colorado and Utah have the most aspen trees in the U.S., and they turn a brilliant gold from late September to mid-October. Search for homes in Aspen, Coloardo.

Don’t Wait Too Long!

You’ve done the research, and you already know that fall colors are the most prominent from September to October. That means the clock is ticking! Start searching for your dream home, so you can have your own front row seat as the leaves turn every year.

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