6 Spooktacular Porch Displays That Will Leave You Shaking in Your Boots

by Alex ThatcherOctober 23, 2017

Make Your Porch Display Creepy and Crazy This Year

It’s that time of year again—the only time of the year when it’s socially acceptable for your front porch to be covered in spider webs. That’s right, Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to deck out your front porch so that it can be the ultimate spooky turf for trick-or-treaters.

As you begin to plan your Halloween display, keep in mind that you want your ghostly decor to be visible from the street. You want it to be scary enough for older kids, but not too scary that younger trick-or-treaters feel unwelcome. The perfect Halloween porch display is a balance between creepy and silly. Here are a few ideas for the perfect Halloween porch display.
halloween porch displays spider web drapes

Spider Web Drapes

Give your porch a ghoulish passageway with cheesecloth drapes. Staple or glue strips of cheesecloth They look like spider webs and will billow with eerily on a blustery fall evening. Soak them in tea overnight to achieve the effect of aging.

You can also use cheesecloth to make ghosts. Using wire and pantyhose, you can make cute little phantoms that creep and sway as they hang on your porch. Check out Martha Stewart’s post on how to make these little ghouls yourself. You can also use polypropylene rope to create thick webs that stretch from the top of the porch to the bottom or even your yard.

Floating Witches Hats

You’ve seen the floating star lanterns that many people love to use to light up their backyards in the summer months. A fun spin off of this classic idea that is perfect for Halloween is a floating lantern in the shape of a witch hat.

Polkadot Chair has a great tutorial for making a floating witch hat lantern using just fishing line, LED lights, store-bought witch hats, and command hooks.

Decorate with Ghostly Gourds

The unique shape of many gourds is perfect for transforming into spooky ghosts that you can suspend from rafters, line walkways, or adorn steps. Choose bottle gourds that have long skinny tops for the ultimate ghoulish effect.

Paint the gourds white and add spooky faces using black paint or Sharpie. You can suspend them by puncturing the top and placing a hook inside of the gourd.
halloween porch displays ghostly gourds

Spine Chilling Wreaths

There are countless ways to use a wreath to make your front porch more festive for any holiday or season. For Halloween, you can take the more classic route and make a wreath using orange, yellow, and red fabric leaves.

Or, if you want to make your front porch a little more eerie, you can make a spider web wreath using black string, or a raven’s nest wreath using a fake bird. You can find wreath inspiration and tutorials with House Beautiful’s post on Halloween wreaths.

Eerie Silhouette Cutouts

Silhouette cutouts are a super easy way to give trick-or-treaters the heebie-jeebies in the best way. Use black construction paper or cardstock paper to cutout silhouettes of witches with long wart-filled noses, black cats with their hair on edge, and even creepy jack-o-lanterns.

You can find amazing cutout templates at First Pallette. Simply print out the templates you want to use, cut and trace them onto black paper, and then place them in windows so that they appear as spooky silhouettes when your house is all lit up on Halloween.
halloween porch displays silhouette cutouts

Pool Noodle Witch Legs

Transform your front porch into the land of Oz by creating a pool noodle witch. Cut the pool noodles to your desired size, and then insert them into witchy leggings or tights. Top them off with a pair of witchy shoes on the top, and then stick them into a cauldron or barrel to make it look like a witch has crash landed on your porch. East Coast Mommy has a full tutorial on how to achieve this ghastly look.

Turn Your Porch into a Haunted Hideaway

This Halloween, take your decorations to the next level. Instead of going for the simple jack-o-lantern pumpkin, try out one of these fun and quirky DIY activities that trick-or-treaters (and their parents alike) will get a kick out of. With that being said, check out our post on DIY pumpkin decorating ideas so that you can really kick your decor up a notch.

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