Making Halloween Decorations Fun—When Scary Isn’t Really Your Style

by Alex ThatcherOctober 30, 2017

Halloween Decorations That Aren’t So Spooky

When it comes to the end of October, clanking chains, fake blood, and chainsaw sound effects aren’t for everyone – especially if you have little ones around. But Halloween isn’t just a holiday that’s tailor-made for those who like to indulge in terrifying decor. In fact, there are all sorts of options for either kid-friendly or fun and funny decorations out there, too.

Try decorating your home with these tips for making Halloween decorations fun, and see what kind of holiday you can create around your home. Remember, the goal doesn’t have to be shocking or scaring someone for the rest of his or her life. And with fun, family activities like these, the whole family can join in!

Fun Halloween Decorations monster mason jarsvia the 36th Avenue

Work With Mother Nature This Halloween

The fall season just happens to create some of the best Halloween decorating accessories available anywhere. There’s nothing better than autumnal leaves and plump pumpkins, with their beautiful colors of the season in a wealth of warm hues. And with a little cleverness and creativity, you can easily turn nature’s decorations into yours too, just by bringing them into the home and spreading them around.

Chalkboard Pumpkins

Take a leaf from Rachael Ray’s book and try no-carve pumpkins! Chalkboard paint is easy to use, super fun, and creates a nice black background. You and your kids can draw funny characters, cute messages, or whatever you like on these chalkboard pumpkins.

Fun Halloween Decorations no carve pumpkinsvia Rachel Ray

Leaf Ghosts

If you happen to be in an area with plenty of autumn leaves on the trees or ground, collect a few good, strong ones. If not, collect them from the craft store. Next, paint them up with white paint. Once that dries, color a spooky face with black markers, and voila! You’ve got yourself a leaf ghost.

Monster Mason Jars

This Halloween when you want to play it a bit more tame, the 36th Avenue suggests Glitter Slime Monster Mason Jars. These shockingly cute mason jars just need a bit of construction paper and googly eyes to create their faces. The glitter slime is great for kids (and adults) to play with, and it is a craft that the whole family can make together.

Googly Eyes Are Your Friend

This Halloween, buy the Costco-sized pack of googly eyes, and then challenge yourself and your family members to find a use for them all! Try these Peekaboo Pumpkins from HGTV. All you need are a few mini pumpkins, some small bowls and lidded dishes (black or white), spray paint, googly eyes, and craft glue. When a guest at your Halloween party sees one of these little guys peeking out at them, it will definitely bring a smile to their face.

Fun Halloween Decorations front doorvia the Spruce

Front Door Decorations

Turn your front door into Frankenstein, with a little help from some glue, construction paper, and a bit of patience – this year, your front door can be the talk of the town. Get all the amazing front-door decorating ideas you need from The Spruce. This is another great craft for the whole family to enjoy, so pick your favorite idea, and go as scary or as whimsical as you’d like.

Coffee Filter Spider Webs

The Artful Parent has a great tutorial for creating beautiful and intricate spider webs out of coffee filters. This is a task that takes a bit more time, so it’s probably best geared towards older kids and adults. But in the end, these spider webs come out looking great! Hang them from a tree in the yard or from the ceiling, and you’ve got a not-so-terrifying Halloween decoration that’s super fun around the home.

Halloween Fun for Everyone

Halloween decorations don’t need to be scary. These crafts are fun to make and fun to place around the house. And best of all, they won’t terrify any little ones, or those of us who don’t like gruesome decor. Have fun!

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