Re-Purpose Christmas Decorations to Create Crafty Halloween Costumes

by Merri CvetanOctober 19, 2017

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s time to break out your DIY skills. If you’re a fanatic crafter or just bored with store-bought Halloween costumes, you can add a unique spin to your family’s getups by incorporating Christmas lights and decor. As an added benefit, you’ll be able to immediately reuse the battery-operated LED lights and decorations for the Christmas holidays.

Here are three fun and easy ideas using Christmas lights and decorations to create one-of-a-kind Halloween costumes.

Fairy Angel

It’s important to keep your little ones safe while they’re trick-or-treating at night. When it’s dark outside, costumes that are easy to spot from far away are ideal. This illuminated fairy angel costume is a practical yet whimsical solution.

  • Start with a white robe and a set of neon fairy wings, which are easy to see in twilight hours.
  • Twist sturdy metallic pipe cleaners into the shape of a halo, then attach a few more cleaners as the connective “tail.” Sew the tail to the back of the robe to hold the halo in place.
  • Purchase a set of battery-operated white Christmas lights at your local home improvement store. Mini LED lights will stay illuminated for hours, plus, the battery pack is small enough to tuck into a waistband.
  • Make small cuts around the edges of the wings, slightly smaller than the bulbs of your lights. Insert the bulbs and hold them in place with pieces of clear tape.
  • Flip the “on” switch when you’re ready to head out, and your little angel will be the talk of the neighborhood.

For Christmas, use the battery-powered LED lights to frame your mantle or front windows or coil them inside lanterns to illuminate your front steps. You don’t need to plug them into an outlet, so the possibilities are endless.

A Nightmare Before Christmas

If your child’s style leans more toward spooky than sweet, don’t settle for the traditional werewolf costume. Add an unexpected Christmas twist for this fun play on the movie title.

  • Start with a red sweatshirt.
  • Head to your local home improvement store and grab a green Christmas garland and a battery-operated strand of LED multicolor holiday lights.
  • Cut a piece of the garland to make a wreath to fit the front of the shirt. The exact length will depend on the size of the sweatshirt you use, but it should be long enough to make a circle that fills the front of the sweatshirt.
  • Twist the garland into a wreath shape and pin it to the sweatshirt. Or, if you are handy with a needle and thread, sew the garland in place.
  • Weave the lights around the wreath, twisting bits of garland around the wire to hold it in place. Add additional Christmas trim or ornaments.
  • Finish it off with a scary werewolf mask, and get ready to howl at the moon.

When Halloween is over, detach the garland from the sweatshirt and hang it on your front door as a Christmas wreath.

The Bewitching Hour

This witch’s hat does double duty. Use it to decorate your home or front porch during October, then place it on your head before heading out to a Halloween party.

  • Use a hot glue gun to add flowers and ribbon to a standard witch hat.
  • Weave a string of battery-operated white Christmas lights with spherical bulbs through the foliage.
  • Add more hot glue to hold the lights in place.
  • Tuck the lights’ battery pack into the crown of the hat to keep it out of sight.
  • Dress in all black, and when you arrive at your destination in the dark, your hat will appear to be floating.

After the trick-or-treating festivities, disassemble your costume and hang up your Christmas lights. You’ll have a head start on holiday decorating before the last of the candy is eaten.

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