Top 5 Cities in America for Businesswomen

by Mahogany WaldonOctober 27, 2017

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Business ownership among women is quickly growing. Nationwide, there are over nine million women-owned companies that employ over seven million people generating more a trillion dollars in sales. And these aren’t just small-scale businesses, one in every five firms making over a million dollars in revenue are women-owned.
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If you consider yourself a #girlboss, check out these top five cities from the Businesswomen Power City index compiled by ShareFile (a Citrix company).

1. Baltimore, Maryland

This major US city is filled with history. Far from its Civil War roots, Baltimore offers amazing metropolitan vibes, perfect for anyone looking to start a business in a big city. Baltimorians can enjoy the National Aquarium, the Maryland Zoo, Walters Art Museum, a plethora of historical sites, as well as the popular professional sports teams the Ravens and Orioles, which offer family-friendly fun year-round. Baltimore’s key industries include healthcare (Johns Hopkins Hospital is ranked #1 in the nation), education, federal agencies, and technology. Baltimore encourages women-owned businesses, and the Mayoral Office includes a Minority and Women-Owned Business Development Department that gives business owners the opportunity to attend summits, participate in networking and outreach events, and be awarded for their work in the Baltimore community. These efforts results in 23.3% of the city’s businesses being run by women. The average home in Baltimore sells at around $139,000.
Baltimore, Maryland, USA skyline at the Inner Harbor.

2. Tampa, Florida

This Sunshine State city takes the #2 rank for top cities for businesswomen. The city is well-known for its nightlife, so it’s the perfect place to work and play! There are lots of cultural offerings and many of its historic neighborhoods and diners have Cuban and Spanish roots. Central Florida offers the best of the best in amusement and Tampa’s Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Lowry Park Zoo, and Adventure Island will surely satisfy your need for a thrill. Tampa’s thriving industries include technology and manufacturing. 22.6% of Tampa’s businesses are run by women. Homes in Tampa average around $171,900.
Tampa, Florida downtown skyline.

3. Washington, D.C.

A major hub for history and politics, we aren’t surprised that the nation’s capital made the list. As more and more women legislators fill the Capitol Building, women-owned businesses are filling the streets of DC. Startup and tech companies are growing in the area, and business, healthcare, leisure, and construction are also fast-growing industries in Washington. Businesswomen run 24.5% of DC’s companies. The median home price in D.C. is $529,900.
View of the Capital Building at night.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Another city famous for its entertainment is Las Vegas. The city’s industries are growing – and it’s no coincidence that so is the number of women-owned companies. Las Vegas’ Economic and Urban Development Department strives to curb the gap between business retention and expansion and hosts many seminars, webinars, and other events for business owners. This year, Las Vegas has had major growth in construction, consumer spending, and tourism. 22.5% of Las Vegas’s companies are run by businesswomen. The average home in Las Vegas costs around $227,000.
View of Las Vegas skyline.

5. Orlando, Florida

Orlando is home to many thriving businesses and is also a major convention city: the Orange County Convention Center brings in over 200 events per year with over one million attendees per year. Orlando also has over a dozen theme parks, and its tourism and hospitality industries are ever-growing. The city puts a lot of focus on business, and so it’s no wonder that businesswomen head 23.1% of Orlando’s companies. For those looking to start a business in Orlando, the average home price is $181,900.
View of Orlando's skyline at night.
Business is booming for women in executive business roles. As women begin to dominate in business, cities are growing to compensate for the growth in jobs. If you’re planning on starting or expanding your business and are ready for your next move, check out some of our home listings.

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