What the Color of Your Kitchen Says About Your Life

by Alex ThatcherOctober 11, 2017

What Does Your Kitchen Say About You?

Are you in the process of deciding what color to paint your kitchen, or currently second-guessing that shade of teal that once looked so nice a few months ago this summer? Well, the color you decide to paint your kitchen can actually say a lot about your unique personality. It may even affect who wants to buy your home, and how they feel when walking inside it.

Read on to find out what your kitchen design choices say about you, with our guide to kitchen paint colors and personalities. Making a change today could mean selling your home that much faster down the road…
Color of your kitchen says about personality

Orange – Exuberant and Energetic

Orange is the color of laughter and joy. Anyone who makes the bold choice of painting their kitchen this vibrant color doesn’t waste time being self-conscious. You might be loud, you might be youthful, and you definitely know how to party.

Pink – Loving and Emotional

A pink kitchen can be soothing and welcoming to its inhabitants. A pink kitchen means you are probably a caregiver and have a tender heart for those in your life. You and your kitchen are a comfort to friends in need, and your home is often filled with visitors.

Purple – Connected and Compassionate

A purple kitchen signifies a spiritual connection with yourself and others. With similar confident tendencies like the orange kitchen, a purple room is a bit more conscious of the world and others around them.
Color of your kitchen says about personality<

Green – Transformative and Renewed

This earth tone is one of the most popular in the kitchen design sphere. It signifies growth and fresh starts. If you’re making some major life changes, just changed jobs, or left a major relationship, your kitchen is probably green. Think rebirth, and then go buy that blender you’ve been eyeing.

Blue – Peaceful and Thoughtful

The color of water promotes calmness and tranquility. If you have a dark blue kitchen, then you probably meditate, or have a Zen garden, and possibly both. A cooler tone like this when used in a kitchen reminds those inside it to breathe deeply and try to focus their thinking. Ohmmmmm.

Red – Bold and Intense

If your kitchen is red, you enjoy defying convention. You are probably fearless, and enjoy making creative, bold choices that help you stick out when in a crowd. Be careful that you aren’t too overwhelmed by your own energy, and maybe stick to just a red accent wall to play it safe.

Yellow – Focused and Intelligent

Yellow walls in a kitchen suggest a focused occupant. Yellow increases intelligence and concentration, so you are probably competing to be on a Food Network cooking show or preparing to sign a big business merger. Either way, you are determined.
Color of your kitchen says about personality

White – Timeless and Luxurious

A white kitchen means that you have probably been on Pinterest lately, and thought it would be a good idea. But in practice, the room is more for showing than using. You probably dine out or in a different room entirely, but your friends are always impressed by the cleanliness.

So What Color Is Your Kitchen?

Does it match your personality according to our data? If you’re trying to make a change in life, try first to make a change in your kitchen paint color choice. A fresh new color can help you focus on the areas in life and your home that you want to improve. Next start looking for your dream home and perfect kitchen today.

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