6 Clever DIY Hacks for Dealing With Fall Weather and Foliage

by Ben SanfordNovember 13, 2017

Stay Ahead of Fall Weather With These Seasonal Hacks

When October rolls around, the leaves begin to change, the air becomes crisp, and the apple cider flows like water. While you enjoy the autumn weather, don’t forget to take some time to stay caught up with home maintenance so that you can be ready when the weather really starts to cool off.

This list will help you to get organized so that your home and garden are ready when that first frost hits.
6 Fall DIY Hacks

1) Stay Caught Up With Caulking

Fall is the perfect time to get caught up with weather proofing your house. With cooler weather, working outside is more enjoyable and in the end it will help you save money on energy bills this winter.

Probe any exposed wood trim around the house — windows, decks, doors, and railings — with a screwdriver and use caulk to fill the holes. Trusted Pros has a great article on how to weatherproof your home during fall weather.

2) Get Your Car in Gear for Cold Weather

Before the freezing cold months of winter, you’ll want to make sure your car is all set to get you safely to your destination. Change out your windshield wipers so that they are ready for autumn rains and winds that will kick up wet leaves.

You may also want to get an oil change while you’re at it, and if you live in a city that gets intense winter weather, like Detroit or Rochester, now is a good time to get your winter tires. Read up on more ways to prepare your car for fall on Bankrate.
6 Fall DIY Hacks

3) Clean Your Gutters

With heavy wet leaves falling from the trees, autumn is the perfect time to clear out your gutters before snowfall hits. Debris like leaves and twigs can clog your gutters and lead to leaks and mold. Likely, the occasional rogue thunderstorm during the summer months caused some debris to build up, and the beautiful fall foliage that falls from the trees isn’t helping.

While you’re at it, you may also want to run some water through your gutters to make sure there are no leaks or hidden clogs. Check out Esurance for even more fall home maintenance hacks.

4) Rake Up Those Leaves

The beautiful autumn foliage is great while it’s still on the trees, but once the leaves have fallen they can be a pain to clean up. But trust us, staying caught up with leaf raking will help to keep your yard happy and healthy as the temperatures sink.

GEICO recommends waiting until leaves are dry to begin raking as this will make the whole process less tedious. You can also try dragging a cardboard box across your lawn, as shown in this viral video posted by Country Living.
6 Fall DIY Hacks

5) Keep Watering Your Garden

When the weather gets colder, you may be tempted to let your garden go to sleep for the winter. But experts from This Old House say you should continue to water your garden until the end of October. Check out our recent post on how to handle growing cool-season vegetables and keep your garden growing late into the fall.

Once October hits and it’s time to stop watering, make sure you disconnect your pipes and empty out your irrigation system to avoid pipes freezing and bursting.

6) Fall Is the Time to Fertilize

The experts over at Popular Mechanics say that if you’re going to fertilize your lawn once a year, definitely make sure you do it in the fall. Fertilizing in the fall delivers nutrients to grass roots so that they can get a healthy start in the spring. When mid-to-late fall hits, just use a drop spreader to apply an even layer of fertilizer throughout your lawn, and you’ll be set.

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