6 Vacation Cities Snowbirds and More Will Flock to This Winter

by Ben SanfordDecember 4, 2017

Pack Your Bags! We’re Off to Find the Best Winter Destinations

Snowbirds tend to leave cold, wintery cities for warmer winter months elsewhere. If you’re about to settle into another very cold winter where you live, you might want to follow the migratory patterns of American snowbirds instead, chasing warmer climates and avoiding things like the annual shoveling of the snow off the driveway. Read on for a list of a few of the best cities where you can find a warmer winter season this year.
Snow Bird Destinations Hawaii

1) Pahoa, Hawaii

If you’re looking for a luxe yet affordable winter getaway for this winter, consider Pahoa, Hawaii. Located on the Big Island, Pahoa is the perfect destination for activities like lounging on the beach, touring coffee plantations, and hiking around Hawaii’s lush landscape.

The atmosphere is laid back and even a bit rustic, so it’s perfect for folks looking for a destination that allows for a slow pace and a mellow passage of time.

2) Charleston, South Carolina

For snowbirds who want to stay continental, Charleston is the perfect winter getaway. Ripe with culture, art hubs, beaches, and outdoor activities, Charleston is a great choice. Although it doesn’t get below freezing, it can be a bit cooler in the dead of winter, so is ideal for people who want to escape the freeze but aren’t looking to suntan on a hot beach.

While there, be sure to check out Magnolia Plantation and Park, a historic park with lush gardens and peaceful atmosphere, stroll along Waterfront Park for river views and eight acres of natural landscape, or take a day trip to Daniel Island, Charleston’s island community located right off the coast.

3) San Diego, California

San Diego is known for its beautiful beaches, a plethora of parks, and gorgeous weather. It’s also known as “America’s Finest City,” partly because of the landscape and partly because the people are just so darn beautiful there.

This winter, people are flocking to San Diego because of the consistently temperate climate, the fitness options, and the golfing. Not to mention that winter is San Diego’s off-season, so lines and parking will be a dream compared to other times of the year. Check out this list of the top ten beaches in San Diego from USA Today to help you start planning your trip.
Snow Bird Destinations san diego

4) Sanibel Island, Florida

This winter, you can avoid the chaos and traffic in cities like Miami and Orlando by traveling to a lesser-known vacation destination in Florida: Sanibel Island. Located along the gulf coast, you can spend your days walking along the beach, eating delicious seafood, and searching for rare seashells that look like lost treasure.

Go fishing, bird watching, boating, snorkeling, and more in a warm beach town that will make you forget that December is even a thing. Check out the Sanibel Island website and start to feel the sand between your toes.

5) Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is an outdoor lover’s paradise and a snow bird’s dream city. Phoenix also happens to be among the driest and warmest cities in the country, making it perfect for winter getaways to escape the snow and cold of December and January.

Be sure to check out the Desert Botanical Gardens, which features 140 acres of unique desert plants, flowers, and views.
Snow Bird Destinations phoenix

6) San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is a mecca for snowbirds because of the low cost of living, the wide variety of affordable short-term leases, and tons of attractions for nature lovers and culture buffs alike. With the rich colonial heritage of the Alamo and tons of natural beauty including the San Antonio Riverwalk, you’ll have no issue keeping yourself busy all winter long.

Check out Thrillist’s list of the best restaurants in San Antonio to ensure that you’ll never go hungry, and you’ll forget all about the terrible weather happening everywhere else in the country.

Winter Never Felt So Good – When You’re a Snowbird!

This winter, don’t subject yourself to the cold wind and icy road conditions of other parts of the country. Instead, escape to one of these luxuriously warm snowbird destinations and enjoy summer 365 days a year.

Eat good food, play outside, get a suntan, and find beautiful seashells in one of these charming vacation cities, made for winter getaways and warm weather retreats.

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