DIY Home Improvement: Give Back to Your Home This December

by Ben SanfordDecember 22, 2017

Give Your Home a Little Extra TLC This Holiday Season

Winter is in the air: twinkly lights lace the edges of all the homes on your street, peppermint lattés abound, and wish lists for Santa are being rushed to the North Pole. Amidst the cheer (and chaos) that the holiday season often brings, don’t forget about your home. Winter is a great time to get to work on cold weather maintenance or indoor home organization – a little bit of DIY love for the place where you celebrate the holidays and stay warm in the winter.

Let this article be your guide for DIY home improvements that can be completed even when the weather outside is frightful; think of the following tips as a wishlist for your home.
winter DIY tips for your home DIY Home Improvement

1) Keep Up With Snow Shoveling

If there’s one thing that can make your home feel unwelcoming during colder months, it’s having an icy or snowy walkway and driveway. If you live in a city that gets a lot of inches at a time, like Minneapolis, keeping up with the snowfall is crucial. Keep the walkways on your property, and the sidewalks that touch your property, easy to navigate during cold and icy conditions. Your neighbors will thank you for keeping sidewalks clear and safe, and your front yard will look more tidy and put together.

Pure Living has some great tips for snow removal that don’t involve breaking your back with a shovel. An easy-push snow scoop is a great tool that will clear tons of snow at a time. It’s also smart to clear snow during the coldest time of the day. While this may seem counter-intuitive, you’ll find that the snow is much lighter when there’s less water bogging it down.

2) Fortify Your Insulation

There’s no better time to ham up your home’s insulation than when you need it most. You can easily do this by installing thicker curtains for your windows, putting weather strips by your doorways, and making sure your water heater is winterized. For more tips on how to heat up your insulation game, check out DIY Network.
DIY Home Improvement chimney cleaning

3) Clean Out Your Chimney

Whether or not you have a working fireplace, December is the perfect time to clear out your chimney. If you cleaned your chimney over the summer, this is the perfect time for your bi-annual chimney sweep to keep your chimney clean and safe as dirty chimneys can cause house fires.

The Family Handyman has a great article on knowing when to clean your chimney, and how to do it. While cleaning out your chimney definitely can be a DIY job, you may want to consider hiring a chimney sweep to make sure that the job is done thoroughly.

4) Get Organized Indoors

Make December “The Organization” month in your home. Take a snowy weekend to make some hot cocoa, put on some Christmas tunes, and organize the closets in your house. With gift-giving holidays right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get rid of old items that you never use, and to make sure storage cabinets are easy to access. Plan to donate old clothing, toys, and other items that you no longer need so that a family in need can use them.

SheKnows has a great blog post on how to get your home organized, with a different tip for each week of the year. Find the weeks in December (and January!) and get to work!

DIY Home Improvement organized mantelvia HGTV

5) Remodel Your Mantel

Give your mantel place a little extra TLC before you hang your stockings from them. HGTV has a great post on how to install a modern floating wood mantel that looks clean and elegant.

If you aren’t ready to completely renovate your mantel, you can also just give it some updated decorations. Southern Living suggests cedar garland, family holiday cards, and twinkly lights.

Get Your House Into the Holiday Spirit

With these little DIY tips, your house will look festive, cheery, bright, and clean—just in time for holiday visitors. Get both the inside and the outside looking warm and inviting for snowy days and cozy evenings.

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