Holiday Hosting: Quick Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

by Katie KucthaDecember 19, 2017

With the holidays coming, don’t forget to decorate the outside of your home as well as the inside. Give the outside the warm holiday feeling from the curb to the door and then go on inside and sit by the crackling fire that’s in the fireplace. Sprucing up outside and decorating too can lengthen the holiday feeling even after the season as the decorations linger.

via Southern Living
via Southern Living

From the curb

Before you start the decorating process, step outside and look around. Are their papers and trash stuck in the bushes? Does your grass need to be mowed if you live somewhere warm? Do sidewalks need to be shoveled off and deiced? What about windows, are they clean? Are there dead trees which need cut down or bushes which need to be trimmed? All these can detract from the holiday spirit you’re trying to spread.

Here are seven ideas for decorating:

  1. You can line paper luminaries along your driveway, walkway or porch for some holiday cheer. These can be made by using white paper bags; battery-powered LED candle lights and some small stones or sand. Place the stones or sand in the bottom of the bag. Turn the candle on. Make a small hollow in the stones or sand, add in the glowing candle, and place the luminary where you want it.
  2. You can also wrap your mailbox in a garland and top it with a cheerful bow. Or place a group of candle holders, lanterns, or decorated lighted jars to the side of your entranceway. Using flameless candles will take the worry out of anything catching fire.
  3. If you have double doors is using one large wreath but cutting it in half and hanging the halves side by side. You would cut a pine wreath or a grapevine wreath in half then and decorate each half with assorted sturdy decorations. Hang each half on each door side by side so that they appear to be joined when the door is closed. When the door is shut then, it looks like a whole wreath. When opened, it divides into two halves.Tip: Some other things to consider when decorating outside when the weather’s hot and humid is how the decorations will hold up if you live in warmer climates. Some colored ornaments may run or fade, but if you spray a UV protective spray on them, it can help prevent this. The spray is bought at craft or hardware stores. Another thought is if you’re using artificial trees, to purchase the ones which have a UV-resistant coating on them.

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  1. Jazz up a tall outdoor lantern in your yard by adding some greenery around the pole and tieing a cheerful, colorful bow around it. Add greenery and berries to the top of the lantern as well. In addition, if you have trees, decorate them with large over-sized balls in assorted colors and hang them from the branches.
  2. Bring color to your porch with other festive holiday plants, such as the iconic poinsettia. Like a Christmas tree, the poinsettia plant is not only recognized by northerners in their decor, it is used as a ornamental plant across the nation. In fact, according to a study reviewed by LawnStarter, California produces the most poinsettia plants at around 6.7 million bright red plants in 2014. So you can say that adding a natural flare of red is popular and easy to do!
  3. Hang extra-large wreaths decorated with enormous red bows and clusters of pinecones. With huge wreaths, you’re making an elegant understatement when they are not flashy which will show up lovely against a white snowy background
  4. Of course, there’s always the outdoor lights. You can run lights to decorate your porch, the outside of your home and even nearby trees and bushes. The one thing to keep in mind is to use outdoor lights only which can take the cold winter wind. The other thing is to keep a theme in mind when decorating. Nothing looks worse than a mish-mash of lights and decoration that look as if they’ve just been thrown outside at random.Tip: Also, keep sidewalks and paths to the driveway cleared off. Adding extra salt won’t hurt because melting snow can quickly turn to ice when the temperatures drop. The last thing you would want is for a guest to slip and fall and get hurt.

The holiday season is when friends and relatives stop by, and parties are hosted. Keeping the outside of your home as welcoming as the inside of it is the start of holiday hosting.

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