How to Make Your Dream Bedroom Come True

by Jen DorskiDecember 21, 2017

“Fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose” – this is one of the simplest, most known inspirational quotes you will ever come across. Depending on each one of us, the dreams may be about a meaningful career, a beautiful family or making an important discovery. But sometimes we only dream about creating the perfect bedroom, to be our sanctuary, our hideaway, our citadel. As you spend about a third of our lives in the bedroom, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with letting your imagination go wild and trying to make the vision come true.

Still, creating the bedroom of your dreams may be a difficult task. There are so many choices nowadays, so many styles, so many combinations, and possibilities, that finding the right ambiance may turn into a chore. Here are a few suggestions you may consider in your quest:

Find a theme

Where do you see yourself when you close your eyes? Do you imagine being in an all-wooden, rustic room or a white fairy-tale setting, with fluffy blankets and translucent curtains? Are you the modern, futuristic type or the traditional one? Once you determine what scenery suits you best, stay true to it and don’t be influenced by what others may say about your dream.
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Create the means

Having a vision is essential, but having the means to make it real is crucial. Saving money is always a good idea, but it’s even wiser to do it with a purpose – such as designing the bedroom of your dreams. Set a budget and strive to achieve it, even if it may take a while.

Do a thorough research

That is a significant step in achieving your objective, so give it time, put a little effort into it – it may save you some money, after all. The variety of brands and choices on the market may seem overwhelming, that’s why it’s important to stay true to your vision and your budget. Make sure you compare offers and prices, considering all details (such as transportation or assembling, for instance).

Focus on the practical aspects

Remember a few vital facts (which won’t affect your fantasy): when designing a bedroom, try to keep it simple and also practical. The wardrobe and the bathroom should be easy to access and shouldn’t take too much of your space. Having a view is fantastic, but don’t forget about privacy, so make sure your bedroom is well-protected (from outside or inside intrusions). Don’t forget about lighting and airing: cross ventilation and soft natural light will ensure a peaceful rest for you.

Be inventive

Don’t be afraid to play with styles and features! For instance: combine various artificial light sources to create a relaxing atmosphere in the evening: modern chandeliers, bedside lamps, and candles. Remember you’ll be staring at the ceiling a lot, so use that space to complete the story: put a painting on it, planks or other various finishes that will create an enchanting mood.
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Consider the centerpiece

The bed is the most relevant piece of furniture in your bedroom. So make sure you choose the perfect one to help you get the best sleep every night. The right frame, the proper mattress, and bedding are essential. Research before buying and take into account your favorite sleeping position, which will impact your mattress choice. For instance, if you’re a side sleeper, your body will get the proper support with the help of a durable, layered memory foam product. Reading a great memory foam guide to find the best choice for your dream bed can be a good start.
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There are dozens of smart tricks you can use to set up your dream bedroom, but, most importantly, don’t forget to add your personal touch.

  • Simple DIY brushes will customize the space.
  • Rugs are a great option to put on color and provide an extra-comfy look.
  • Blending old and new will bring the past and the future in the same place.
  • A pile of cozy pillows (which are never too many!) will be the perfect invitation to a short power nap; and how would you feel about creating a reading nook? It will undoubtedly make your bedroom stand out when you share pictures of it on social media networks.
  • Even if you are the modern type, you can’t go wrong with incorporating vintage pieces that you can find at antique shops (or maybe you’ve inherited them from your grandmother’s house). One strategically placed old item could bring just the final touch the room needed!
  • Mixing patterns is also a smart way to create a homey appearance in any bedroom, no matter the size. You can even use some of your old sweaters to make bed pillows: they will look fantastic and unique.
  • If you want to have a plasma TV in your bedroom, consider the possibility of placing it in a built-in space. That way, it will not disrupt the setting you tried so hard to create.
  • Also, hiding the wires (no matter from what electronic device they come) will be a smart move if you want to feel like being in a magical place every time you enter your dream bedroom.
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