Isn’t It Time You Owned One of the Largest Estates in San Francisco?

by Matty ByloosDecember 28, 2017

Now’s Your Chance to Buy the Chenery House in San Francisco

We’ve all heard stories about creative living in San Francisco. As rent prices continue to skyrocket, people have turned to renting garages and mother-in-law apartments in order to pay reasonable rent. While many opt for creative solutions to save money, it turns out that even the million dollar homes in San Francisco are a little zany. Don’t believe us? Check out the Chenery House.
Chenery House in San Francisco

Discover One of the Most Unique Homes in San Francisco

Located on one of San Francisco’s largest lots, this urban estate is a Neo Classical vision, to say the least. As you approach the home, you’ll marvel at the expansive, park-like setting. Ponds, fountains, murals, and sculptures adorn the estate, creating a one-of-a-kind property.

While the main residence is inevitably the first thing to catch your eye, the property also includes a cottage, a separate three-unit building, and parking space for over a dozen cars. Ready to look inside this 10 bedroom estate? Read on…
Chenery House in San Francisco pool

Step Inside a Strange Piece of San Francisco Real Estate

As you enter the home, an impressive stairway greets you. Front and center, there’s an enormous crystal chandelier, hinting at the plethora of strange decor waiting to be discovered inside the property. The San Francisco estate is more of a museum than a home, as rooms are filled with dioramas and sculptures. All together, this estate houses countless oddities that range from “a sculpture made of spoons to a $35,000 chair that no one is allowed to sit in.” Altogether, the home’s collectibles are valued at over $50 million.

Each room is brimming with character. For example, at a glance, the dining room appears like a peaceful setting to view the cityscape. But as you look closer, you’ll notice strange decor that includes nothing less than a goat and a wicker wheelchair.

And it just gets weirder… One of the most eccentric rooms in the house is the poolroom. If you’ve ever dreamed of dining poolside, this home is ready to make that vision a reality. Take a dip in the pool, swimming laps beneath a skylight and stained glass walls. And once you’ve worked up an appetite, you can take a seat at the table. Be sure to invite a few friends, as the table seats up to 18, and there’s plenty to talk about in this art-filled poolroom.
chenery house stairwell

Embrace the Weird in San Francisco Living

Fortunately, this home is planted smack dab in the heart of San Francisco. Residents have grown to love the Chenery House, which has been open to the public as the Pritkin Museum. Visitors praise this quirky space, saying, “It is still one of the coolest spots I’ve ever visited. It has the atmosphere of Venice Beach, Hearst Castle, the Rijksmuseum, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not all rolled into one.”

While the home is no longer open to the public, the its future is unwritten. The next owner will decide the home’s fate – could that be you?

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