Last Minute Ways to Decorate Your Front Door for the Holidays

by Cheria BrickhouseDecember 22, 2017

The holiday weekend is rolling in faster than we can grasp, and one of the first things guests will notice during the holidays is your home’s holiday spirit. From animated Santa displays to a lit up snowman, without going over the top like the holiday lights you see in your local parks, there are some little items you can add to be just as jovial.
Now, you could put the same old wreath up that you do every year. Or, you could do something entirely out of the box and unique. So, if you’d rather welcome your company with something that’s still beautiful, and a little different this year, check out the ideas below:

Refurbished Sled

Use an old or vintage sled. Its condition isn’t critical as long as it looks nice. Hang a sled by fastening it to a bunch of pine branches with wire, add some red ribbons, bows and even some bells. Try adding a little bit of fake snow for a further accent.

Ice Skates

Take a pair of white ice skates, place greenery, some holly or juniper berries inside the skates with the pieces of the decorations hanging out and over the skates. Then you put a bow at either the top of the skates or hanging from the bottom. Hang the skates from a nail or hook from your front door to give your home that old fashioned turn of the century Christmas look.

Double Boxwood Wreaths

Instead of hanging just one wreath on your front door, why not hang two? Buy twin boxwood wreaths and tie them together vertically. Decorate them by using a hot glue gun to attach ornaments or add loops of ribbon to the branches.

Herb Wreath

Rosemary and thyme make a wreath with a different look. You can wind the rosemary together into a wreath shape since it grows to about four feet in height. Add the sprigs of thyme, some berries, and a ribbon. As a bonus, the sweet-smelling herbs add a special something when the front door is opened, and the scent wafts indoors.


Take holly branches with red berries and make a base. Wire a red lantern and accent the arrangement with a white bow for a unique look.


Either buy or make a wreath and decorate it with silk flowers, ornaments, and bows. You can go with all red flowers, gold ornaments, and a red bow. Or, what about white flowers, gold ornaments, and a gold bow? The unique thing about this wreath is the many varied options.

Rustic Wreath

For this wreath, you take pre-cut wood slices and glue them to a flat wood wreath. Next add pinecones, berries, and top it off with a bow. Make sure that the wire you use to hang it with is strong enough to hold it.

Go Monochromatic

When you go monochromatic, you can create a one-of-a-kind winter wonderland. If you go with white, you can buy sparkly garland to go around your door entwined with silver lights. Add a white wreath with iridescent Christmas balls on your door. Find some tree branches, spray them white, then spray on glue so that you can add some glitter. Insert them in white painted buckets for the final touch.

Cedar-stacked Christmas Tree Wreath

You can also buy or make miniature cedar wreaths. Using wire, tie them together in the shape of a Christmas tree. You can decorate them with ornaments and bows as you would a traditional Christmas tree.


You can take a pair of mittens and fill them with greenery, white branches, and berries. Hang them on the door with a hook that will support the weight of your decoration.To add unique flair to the front of your door, utilize uncommon materials to create wreaths and different perspectives with non-traditional display ideas! Step out of the box today to have that notable Christmas inspired front door decor!

What ways do you decorate your front door? Comment below and share your ideas with us!

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