How’d You Like to Own Camelot Castle — in Kansas City, MO?!

by Jamey MortonDecember 7, 2017

Discover Today’s Camelot in Kansas City, Missouri

If you’re anything like us, your visions of Camelot probably draw on 12th-century French romance, King Arthur, and a picturesque English countryside backdrop. But to our surprise, you don’t have to cross an ocean to find your own Camelot castle.

While Kansas City, Missouri may be best known as home to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, barbecue, and jazz, this city is also home to a royal-worthy estate. Whether or not you’ve read of or seen a version of Camelot, this Kansas City replica of Camelot Castle is sure to catch your eye. Read on to peek inside this stunning estate.
Arthurian Castle in Kansas City MO

Uncover an Arthurian World Near Weatherby Lake

Nestled in the Weatherby Lake neighborhood of Kansas City, you’ll find the breathtaking Camelot Castle replica. Positioned on three estate lots, this property boasts over 350 feet of lake frontage, which should be perfect for keeping its royal fleet at the ready.

Before you enter the home, it may be wise to first admire the property’s striking exterior. The castle is comprised of custom hammered stone in an English Ashar pattern to match its inspiration. Custom details, including a unique door and a lifetime slate roof, allude to the fine craftsmanship and detail waiting to be discovered within the castle…
Arthurian Castle in Kansas City MO

Live in a Luxury King Arthur-Inspired Castle

No, it’s not exactly the spot where the real King Arthur once held court, but the castle does match its inspiration in its devotion to exquisite detail. The couple that once owned the home worked with Howard Nearing and Jeff Martinique to create a home that authentically replicates a castle. One of the home’s visionary owners, Kristin Malfer, claims that “There are 38 rooms in the house, five bedrooms, seven full, three half bath[s]… [and] It is truly, truly spectacular.”

We think King Arthur would have felt right at home in the Malfer’s estate. Throughout the home, there are king-worthy details, including salvaged antique fireplaces, castle-like stained glass windows, provocative statues, and custom ironwork. We can almost see King Arthur himself descending from the master suite down the grand staircase to enjoy a gourmet meal at the round table in a mural-adorned dining room.
Arthurian Castle in Kansas City MO
And of course, since the home is meant to present meals fit for a king, the estate is equipped with two full kitchens for the preparation of royal feasts. Technology has come a long way since Camelot, and these chef kitchens take full advantage of today’s high-end appliances.

Royal Amenities: What Else Do You Get When You Buy a Castle?

A lakeside castle is pretty impressive on its own, but what other perks does this luxury Kansas City home offer?

On the castle’s lower level, there’s a wine cellar equipped to store more than 5,000 bottles of perfectly chilled wine. Of course, you’ll have to make it past a suit of armor that stands guard against the cellar’s entry first. Other noteworthy spaces include a potting room, an indoor gazebo-style dining area, a greenhouse, and a full gym. At every turn, exposed brick, opulent detail, and perfect vision to the lake remind you that you’re in a castle fit for a king.
Arthurian Castle in Kansas City MO

An Invitation to the Royal Court

How much does it cost to live like a royal at Camelot? The Malfers are selling the 15,060 square foot Camelot inspired home for $7.8 million. The price is high when compared to other Kansas City luxury homes, but the Malfers insist this is a bargain: “Yes, we are listed at seven point eight million dollars, but the cost of building has drastically risen… to duplicate this, it would be over twelve million.”

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