Take Advantage of Atlanta’s Mild Winter With These Home Improvement Projects

by Ben SanfordDecember 6, 2017

5 Winter Home Improvement Projects for Atlanta Homeowners

Winters in Atlanta are nothing like the snow-shrouded landscapes of the northeast. In Atlanta, winter tends to be mild and pleasant. This makes the season an ideal time of year to tackle home improvement projects if you happen to live in the state of Georgia.

If you’re wondering what you can do to keep yourself busy in your home this winter, here are five home improvement projects to consider.
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#1: Repair the Roof

If your roof or gutters have suffered some storm-related damage over the summer, winter is a good time to get it fixed because cooler temperatures are ideal for roofing work. Even if you can’t do the job yourself, you’ll have an easier time finding roofing contractors looking for work, and you might even get a break on the bill because work for roofers is simply not as abundant during this time of year.

#2: Install a Whole House Exhaust Fan

A whole house exhaust fan is one that is installed in the attic. When it’s turned on, it sucks the warm, stale air out of the home through a vent in the ceiling while at the same time pulling in cool fresh air from outside through a few open windows.

This type of system is excellent for cutting down your reliance on your air conditioner in the summer. And, because a whole house exhaust fan gets installed in your attic, this is a job that’s best done in winter because you don’t want to take it on in the heat and humidity of a month like July.
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#3: Insulate the Attic and Crawlspace

The better insulated your home is, the lower your energy bills are going to be throughout the year. So, because the temperatures are cooler, winter makes for the perfect time to improve or replace the insulation in your attic and crawlspace. You should also seal up all holes and air gaps in your home and on its exterior. This will help create a stronger barrier between the indoors and the outdoors all year long.

#4: Replace the Windows

Winter in Atlanta is a great time to replace the windows on a home. For starters, the price for new windows traditionally drops in the winter. Further, if you are having a professional install them, you will also more than likely get a better deal on the cost of labor during the winter months.

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#5: Install a Backup Generator

Even though Atlanta usually has mild winters, over the last few years, the city has experienced cold spells that caused ice to build up on streets and power lines. As more ice starts building up on power lines, the higher the risk that your power will go out. Therefore, this winter is the perfect time to purchase and install a back-up generator on your home. You might not ever even need it, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing it’s there if you ever do.

Winter is almost here, so now is the time to start thinking about which projects you want to check off your to-do list this year. While the above five jobs are certainly a good place to start, your choice of home improvement projects is unlimited, especially because winter’s cooler weather makes it so much easier to deal with the hard work. So, grab your pen and paper and start planning your winter project!

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