The Cost Per Unit of Keeping Your Home Warm

by Mahogany WaldonDecember 6, 2017

Across the country, temperatures are dropping and many of us are opting to crank the heat up. Before you snuggle up to enjoy the warmth, consider the costs of heat where you live. has compiled a list of the cost per unit of heating a home across the U.S.

If your home’s heating is powered by electricity, Washington state has the lowest cost at 7.40 cents per kilowatts. Hawaii residents pay the most at 26.17 cents per kilowatts to keep their home warm, though granted, you probably won’t be using much heat when the average winter temperature is 78 degrees in Hawaii.
A map depicting the costs per unit of keeping your home heated via gas and electric.
On another note, if your home’s heating is powered by natural gas, those in states like North Dakota, Montana, and Colorado pay the least dollars per cubic feet of natural gas (MCF). If you live in warmer states like Hawaii, Florida, and Arizona, you can expect to be paying more for your gas.

Ever wonder how you can cut heating costs? Here are some simple tips.

  1. Layer up. On days when it’s not too cold outside, layer up on clothing rather than running the heat on full blast.
  2. Take advantage of sunlight. Even though the summer days are gone, sunlight isn’t quite a thing of the past. On days when the forecast is comfortable, open your curtains to let some sunlight in. Then, turn your thermostat down or off for a few hours.
  3. Clean your vents and replace filters. To ensure that your heat is properly circulating your space, make sure that your vents are clean and your HVAC filters have been replaced. Sometimes, a heating system seems like it’s not blowing or that heat isn’t circulating but the reality may be that the vents are dirty and the heat isn’t flowing properly.

We also have more tips on how to save on your heating bill, or you can always find a new home in an area where you don’t have to break the bank to pay for your energy bill.

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