5 Reasons We Love Denver, Colorado in January

by Ben SanfordJanuary 15, 2018

Why Denver, Colorado Ranks High on Our List of Top Winter Destinations

While the Mile High City has long been appreciated as a top destination for millennials, Denver is more than just a startup hub for young creatives. In fact, Denver ranks high on our list of top winter destinations.

If you appreciate outdoor sports, craft brew culture, and cost-savings, think twice before you relegate Denver, Colorado to a millennials-only destination. In fact, we’ll prove it to you. Here are our top five reasons to travel to Denver this winter.
denver, colorado in january

Ski Season in Colorado

Unlike other Colorado ski towns, like Aspen or Telluride, Denver “sees a drop-off in tourism during the winter months, which means you can score some great deals on rooms here.” With its proximity to the gorgeous Rocky Mountain ski areas, Denver is an ideal city for enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders who are eager to save a few bucks on lodging to enjoy more time on the slopes.

Micro Brew

One of Oregon’s few rivals in the world of craft beer, Colorado consistently ranks high for both states when it comes to the number of microbreweries per capita. And as the state’s capital is home to the Denver Beer Triangle (the Rocky Mountain front range between Fort Collins, Boulder, and Denver), Denver boasts unparalleled microbrewery options.

In winter months, few things beat the taste of a coffee-centric nitro vanilla porter like you’ll find at Breckenridge Brewery, or the tart experimental beers you’ll find at Denver’s Crooked Stave. Want our advice? Skip the summer crowds and visit Denver’s breweries in January. You’ll get to taste unique seasonal flavors while avoiding throngs of tourists.
visit the mountains in denver, colorado in january

Cheap Tickets

As with most tourist destinations, if you’re willing to brave cooler temperatures, you can save big on travel costs; Denver is no exception. If you’re traveling to Denver in January, airlines offer rock-bottom prices, with non-stop flights to Denver starting below $50 for origin cities such as Las Vegas, Minneapolis, San Francisco, or Dallas.

Whether you’re searching for a city reprieve from harsh Midwest weather, or a snow-studded vacation away from California’s shores, January flight prices make Denver Colorado an ideal winter travel destination.

Fewer Crowds

Despite cheap airfare costs, if you travel in the off-season months to visit Denver, you’ll luck out on fewer crowds, too. Yes, this means less waiting in line for brunch, less competition to get mountain-facing hotel rooms, shorter wait times at destinations such as the Museum of Science and Nature, and fewer people crowding your Instagram photo atop Mount Evans.
denver, colorado in january less crowded

Indie Culture

Over the past decade, Denver has gained popularity among transplants and other tourists searching for food or hipster art scenes. Consider Denver the new Austin, as the city boasts foodie havens such as Linger and Lola, and thrift-store filled neighborhoods like the Highlands.

Whether you’re searching for a mountain-top retreat or a hipster getaway, make sure you add Denver to your list of winter travel destinations this January. And once you’ve paid a visit, should you fall in love with the city, we’d love to help you find your next home. Check out all the Denver listings on Homes.com and discover where you’ll be living next.

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