How to Turn Your Home Into a Meditation Retreat This January

by Alex ThatcherJanuary 19, 2018

Carve Out Some Room for Zen in Your Home

With the start of a new year comes the promise of renewed health and wellness goals. Creating dedicated space in your home to meditate and regroup will help you reach your new year goals. Whether your intention is to actually be more mindful, or you are hoping to manifest something new, meditation will help you along your journey. Creating zen-like retreat spaces and cultivating positive vibes in your home will help improve many facets of your life.

Expect to feel a renewed sense of energy as you commit to turning your home into a sacred space. Recharge and focus on your own personal growth in a space that allows you to feel safe, comfortable, and centered. Here’s how to make the right kind of space in your home, so you can do just that.
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Start by De-Cluttering

Nothing feels less mindful than a cluttered home — so use the clutter in your home as a springboard to get started. Donate clothing and other unnecessary items that you haven’t used in the last six months. Any surface that normally serves as a catch-all should be re-purposed to remain relatively clear at all times. Purge your space of all non-essentials so that it’s instead filled with items that are meaningful to you.

Your meditation time will serve as a daily moment of stillness and quietude, so let your meditation space reflect this. Yoga Lifestyles has a great article on how de-cluttering your home will help you de-clutter your life.

Lighting Is Everything

You want your home to feel at once relaxing and energizing, and lighting is one of the easiest ways to maintain this sensitive balance. As most interior decorators would recommend, stick to the rule of thirds when it comes to lighting a room — this will create the illusion that your space is open and airy. Take advantage of any and all windows as a source of natural light. Replace heavy, light-blocking curtains with sheers.

Overhead lights are often much more harsh than table and floor lamps. Desk lamps, floor lamps, and table lamps will also help you to be more present as you conduct daily tasks—when you need to use your desk, turn on your desk lamp; when it’s time to read before bed, turn on your bedside table lamp.

When you are finished with a task, turn off the light for an added sense of closure. Halogen light bulbs create a warmer, softer light. If you use fluorescent bulbs, make sure you use a shade that softens the light.
have a zen home

Fill Your Home With Life

Once your home is minimalist and de-cluttered, fill it with life by embellishing negative space with plants and flowers. Plants are actually proven to reduce stress in addition to clarifying and purifying the air. Taking care of a few plants around the house can serve as a daily practice of mindfulness, too.

Check out our article on the best houseplants to turn your new zen space into a little private jungle.

Keep Your Space Personal

As you revamp your home into a calming space of relaxation and transformation, there isn’t a need to go all out and buy pictures, figurines, and trinkets that symbolize ‘zen.’ It’s fine if all you have for your space is family photos on a small table. You can spruce up your space by adding a few meaningful objects to your retreat for a personal feel. Adding items that mean something to you personally are more important than ordering a million statues and objects that are typically associated with relaxation. A few photos, an incense holder or some nice candles, a few crystals or seashells, and a few plants are enough to give your space your personal touch. You may still be learning how to embrace this new concept of meditation and as you learn more, your space will grow. Later down the line, you can add new things aligned with your practice.

Be mindful and caring to yourself and others as you transform your home. Don’t be afraid to take time this January to educate yourself on practices that are new to you. Now is the perfect time to go to that meditation class, or pick up that mindfulness book you’ve been meaning to read. Reap the benefits of your space as you dive into the new year.
have a zen home

Let Your Home Be a Reflection of Your Meditation Practice

Notice how you feel as you enter each room in your home. When a room makes you feel energized, act on that energy. When you enter a room and feel calm and quiet, sit with that quietude. Let your home help you to cultivate your meditation practice. Likewise, let your meditation practice manifest in how you take up space in your home.

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