Think You Have a Shot at Being the President? Move Here First!

by Jamey MortonJanuary 2, 2018

Ever Wondered What It’s Like to Live in the White House?

Serving as the U.S. President is a tough gig, but it does come with a few perks, including the chance to live in the iconic White House. While we can’t offer you a fast-track to the presidency of the most powerful nation in the world, we can offer you a chance to live in a presidentially inspired estate, located not too far away from the real thing in Virginia.

Custom built back in 1995, this McLean, Virginia home bears an uncanny resemblance to the real White House. Think you’ve got what it takes to live like a president? Read on to peek inside this White House replica, and make your bid for the land’s highest office today.
replica white house exterior

Visiting the White House… The One in Virginia, That Is

Unlike the real White House, you won’t find throngs of tourists at this presidential-style home. In fact, the home remains hidden from street view, giving the owner plenty of privacy to account for a lack of presidential security.

Designed “to pay tribute to America’s history and culture,” the architecture is instantly recognizable as being inspired by the White House. As you pull into the driveway at 1111 Towlston Road, admire the striking home’s strong white columns, a stately portico, and the iconic presidential lawn.

Insider Access: Living in a White House Replica

While this Virginia home hasn’t been around as long as its inspiration, the 6 bedroom, 8 bathroom home does parallel the White House in several ways. In keeping with the architectural designs of the real White House, “the main level has marble floors and 11-foot ceilings – and an Oval Office.”

replica white house lawn
Potential candidates for homeownership should consider the amenities that come with presidential living: there’s a gym to help keep you in top-shape for press conferences, a wine cellar to hold plenty of special bottles for celebrating milestone events, a party room that can hold up to 100 guests for inaugural soirees, and a home theater for added entertainment or for reviewing media junkets at the end of the day.

The presidential-style estate also boasts a 3-car garage, an elevator, and a sizable 1,500 square foot storage building, if you needed more space to store your private collections.

Neighborhood Perks

While this White House doppelganger doesn’t come with presidential security, there are other perks. The home is located in an ideal area for families, as it falls within boundaries for three highly ranked schools: Spring Hill Elementary School, Cooper Middle School, and Langley High School. From grades k-12, kids will receive an A+ education at some of the best schools in the state.

Another bonus? The land is invaluable. With a full acre of property, the home boasts coveted land in an otherwise densely populated area. And, strangely enough, this isn’t the only White House replica in McLean. A mere two miles down the road, you can enjoy a diplomatic relationship with the neighboring White House that’s currently located at 8907 Georgetown Pike.

replica white house front exterior

Priced at $2,689,890, this custom-built home is a deal compared to its White House twin. Currently, the presidential White House carries an estimated value of $397.9 million. Are you ready to campaign for this home?

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