5 Ways Social Media Can Help You Sell Your Home in a Hurry

by Carson BuckFebruary 26, 2018

Leveraging the Power of Your Network to Sell Your House

Social media can be a fantastic tool to employ in the effort to sell your home, especially if you need to move that home in a hurry and you’re not in one of the nation’s hottest markets. Leveraging your social network through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to help get the word out and advertise your home for free (or at a very low cost) could be the key to landing a qualified buyer (or buyers).

But like anything, effective social media marketing has a learning curve to it. It may look as easy as riding a bike or playing the piano, but like either of those activities, doing social media well takes practice and the time and willingness to get better gradually. If you’re in a hurry, a quick crash course should get you up to speed enough to make the difference. Here are five tips to selling your home quickly using social media.
social media for selling your house

1 – Generate Shareable Content About Your Home

If you’re going to invest the time in using social media to sell your home, then make sure that your efforts are pointed in the right direction. You want compelling content that your network will get excited about sharing with each other. You want images, you want video, and you want compelling, personal, even funny content. In a word, you want shareable.

2 – Leverage Your Network

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and your followers to help you. Deliver the content that they would be proud to share, and then ask them to go ahead and share it.

3 – Save the Links for the Comments

Most social media platforms are monetized these days. They want, even expect, users to pay to get their posts in front the eyes of their friends, family, and associates. Don’t put the link to your listing in the body of your content. Make it the first comment and ask your network to do the same if they share your content.

social media for selling your house

4 – Go Where the Buyers Are

While you may have the biggest networks on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, those may not be the best place to market your home. Platforms like Instagram, because it’s visual, and Pinterest, because it allows people to collect posts they like and refer back to them, are naturals for house hunters.

5 – Don’t Be Afraid to Advertise

When all else fails, consider paying for exposure. Social media advertising is extremely affordable and built to be user-friendly for the novice. You can run ads for a set number of days and decide in advance on a firm budget. You can reach a surprising number of people for very little money.

One of the great things about social media is that its advertising platforms are highly customizable. All manner of demographics can be switched on or off. You can select to show your ad to people within an area with a radius of several square miles around your home if you think you’re most likely to find a buyer locally. You can select the age range you think would best like your home. You could even leverage teenagers’ desire for some of your home’s amenities and get them to sell your home to their parents for you.

Some social media platforms will even let you select for other traits, like renters only, if you think your home would appeal especially to first-time buyers, or avid gardeners, or — you get the idea. The possibilities vary from platform to platform. But you don’t need to figure it all out for yourself.

social media for selling your house

Social Media Exists for Things Like Home Selling

You built a network over months or years, and these people are connected to you for a reason. They care about you or at least are interested in or care about what you care about. It’s a natural jump to believing that they’d love to help you sell your home, and would probably love the experience as much as you do. Don’t be afraid to use the network you’ve created.

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